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San Francisco To Denver Flights Today

1. {4K} [FIRST CLASS FULL FLIGHT] Denver (DEN) - San Francisco (SFO) β€” United Airlines β€” Boeing 777-222

β†’ Join me on a domestic hub-to-hub flight aboard United Airlines' domestically configured Boeing 777-200! This beast, powered by PW 4000 engines, seats a mind-boggling 364 people (mostly crammed into economy class), with the exception of 28 first-class seats in a 2-4-2 configuration forward of the main boarding door. I had never been on a domestically configured 777 in first class before and wanted to try it out, so when I found a fare that was within my price range, I knew I needed to snag it. I also had never flown in a backward-facing seat before, so I knocked out two birds with one stone on this one! It was a really strange feeling as I have become accustomed to countering the forces of takeoff and landing throughout my 500-some flights, so being launched forward during takeoff and backward during landing was rather odd! The seat was certainly older and storage was lacking, but I'd take this seat over an economy seat any day!

β†’ Once again, I do have to complain about the food. It was also atrocious. Dubbed the 'diabete waffle', seen at 32:32, it contained a Belgian waffle (which is sweet as-is), doused in some sort of caramel sauce (I think), then a berry compote (berries and sugar), which was SO sugary, the sugar granules were noticeable, then a scoop of sweetened whipped cream, served with a side of peach yogurt, fresh fruit and a croissant with butter. If that doesn't make your stomach turn, it should. Did I eat it? Regretfully. But it was out of my own hatred of food waste. If you have another option to choose from, choose that. Unless you have a mega-sweet tooth, I'd pass on this.

β†’ I hope you enjoy this full flight aboard this Boeing 777 as much as I did, and, as always, all the flight information you could ever desire can be found below!

β†’ Flight info:

Airline: United Airlines
Flight Number: 1672
Aircraft Type: Boeing 777-222
Registration Number: N769UA
Livery: Evo-Blue/Sky-Blue
Seat: 3L
Seat Class: United First
Fare Routing: LAX - DEN - SFO - BFL
Fare Price: $369
Flight date: August 30, 2023
Passenger Count: 214/364
Departure Airport: Denver International Airport, Denver, Colorado
Arrival Airport: San Francisco International Airport, San Francisco, California
Departure Gate: B36
Arrival Gate: F15
Departure Time: 9:49AM MDT (Schd. 9:55AM MDT) (6 minutes EARLY)
Arrival Time: 11:17AM PDT (Schd. 11:35AM PDT) (18 minutes EARLY)
Departure Runway: 25
Arrival Runway: 28R
Flight Duration: (Including Taxi) 2 hours 28 minutes

Link to Flight Route:

Route of Flight:

Plane route info:
This plane flew into Denver overnight from Honolulu. After flying between Denver and San Francisco (my flight), it would return to Denver, then fly to Washington DC, where it would remain over night.


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Pushback β€” 0:00
Outbound Taxi β€” 4:17
Takeoff + INTENSE ENGINE ROAR β€” 10:10
Cruise (Colorado) β€” 27:20
Cruise (Utah) β€” 42:20
Cruise (Nevada) β€” 1:15:20
Cruise (California) β€” 1:45:20
Descent β€” 1:57:00
Approach β€” 2:10:32
Final Approach β€” 2:18:48
Landing β€” 2:21:03
Inbound Taxi β€” 2:22:52


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2. πŸ”΄LIVE San Francisco International Airport | SFO LIVE | SFO Plane Spotting

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November 24, 2023

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3. TRIP REPORT | United Airlines 737-900ER Economy | San Francisco - Denver

Hello everyone welcome back to another trip report! In todays trip report ill be on my way to the Rockies from the west coast! this will be my second flight on united airlines and I really enjoyed this flight. So sit back relax, and enjoy the trip report!

Flight Details:

Country: USA United States Of America
Departure Location: SFO | San Francisco, CA (California)
Arrival Location: DEN | Denver, CO (Colorado)
Date: October 8th 2022
Airline: United Airlines
Flight Number: (UA) 1115
Callsign: UAL1115
Gate: E8 (SFO)
Arrival Gate: B24 (DEN)
Departure Runaway: 1R (SFO)
Arrival Runaway: 34R (DEN)
Scheduled Departure: 2:35 PM (PDT)
Actual Departure Time: 2:45 PM (PDT)
Scheduled Arrival: 6:07 PM (MDT) + 1 Hour
Actual Time Of Arrival: 5:50 PM (MDT) + 1 Hour
Flight Time: 2Hours 5Minutes

Aircraft Details:

Aircraft Registration: N37419
Aircraft Type: Boeing 737-924ER (B739)
Aircraft Age: 12 Years (At Time Of Recording)
Livery: New Evo Blue Livery (2019)
Engine Model: 2x CFM56-7B27A
Serial Number: 31666
Date Of Manufacture: October 1st 2010
Winglets: Yes

Seat Details:

Class: Economy
Seat: 26F (Right Wing)
Seat Manufacturer: N/A
Seat Pitch: 30-31 Inches
Recline Pitch: 2-1 Inches
IFE: Yes (Direct TV)
Tray Table: Yes
Seat Pocket: Yes
Interior: Ex Continental

Filming And Editing Equipment:

Apple iPad (7th Generation)
Picture Quality: 1080p (HD)
FPS: 29.97 (30FPS)

Apple iPhone (8th Generation)
Picture Quality: 1080p (HD)
FPS: 30.01 (30FPS)

Channel Info:

1:200 Scale Airport Update Info:

[PDX/KPDX] (Even/Odd C Gates) Portland, OR - Operational
(U.S.) Fictional Airport - Operational
[SEA/KSEA] (D Gates) Seattle, WA - Under Construction
[LTO/MMLT] Loreto, BCS (Mexico) - In Active (Terminated 2022)

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WN DL | PDX-OAK-OGG-SEA-PDX (12/2/22-12/4/22)
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WN | PDX-PHX-OAK-PDX (2/18/23-2/21/23)

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4. Many flights canceled and delayed at Denver International Airport

Read the full story at ... An above average number of cancelled and delayed flights were reported at Denver International Airport.

5. #122: HIGH DENSITY 777 | Domestic Widebody Flight | UA257 Denver to San Francisco | Trip Report

DISCLAIMER! All comments & observations in the video reflect my thoughts as of December 2019: this is before the COVID-19 pandemic took it's toll on us.

What timing! Due to the incident occurred on United flight #UA328 all Boeing 777s with Pratt & Whitney engines have since been grounded. Crazy times!

Back in December 2019 a peak holiday season there were about 10 flights between Denver & San Francisco, two key hubs for United Airlines. Some on Airbus A320/Boeing 737s, majority in the 232 seater Boeing 757-300, and one in the domestic configured Boeing 777-200 aircraft. These 777s are fitted with 364 seats (28 in First Class 2-3-2 and 336 in Economy 3-4-3) and were used exclusively for domestic flights (including Hawaii).

This was a very busy time for United in Denver with several flights to multiple destinations and many passengers transiting through, with connections on both mainline and regional. This was one of two widebody flights out of Denver, the other being to Los Angeles and departing at around the same time.

The Boeing 777, as we know is for long haul and ultra long haul flights, designed with passenger amenities in mind as they connect the world non stop. This particular 777s were anything but: no seat back entertainment, 3-4-3 seating and very limited premium seating. These airplanes have been configured for maximum capacity especially during the peak hours.

This particular Boeing 777-200, N775UA was 24 years old at the time of flying. This would be my first flight in the 'original' Boeing 777-200, as it isn't the ER or LR version. In fact this was the 22nd Boeing 777 ever built!

Flight UA257 was operated by 3 different aircraft on this day: an Airbus A320 from Spokane (WA) to Denver (CO), then this Boeing 777-200 from Denver (CO) to San Francisco (CA) and finally a Boeing 737-900ER from San Francisco (CA) to Los Angeles (CA).

Unfortunately the timing of this flight meant that I was not able to get good enough quality videos of the start up, take off and landing for standalone videos but they are all on here as normal anyway.

They had stroopwaffels in this flight, the crew were alright, this flight was on time, and I was lucky to have snagged a rear 2 seater window seat (37L). All in all, this was a very nice flight and no complaints whatsoever. I would never hesitate to fly onboard a United widebody flight within the USA!

6. A Beautiful Landing Towards San Francisco International Airport #Shorts

A Beautiful Landing Towards San Francisco International Airport #Shorts

7. Flying Los Angeles to Denver

Leaving #LAX for #Denver
#Thankyou @United for the safe #FLIGHT #travel #trip
#Thanks I #LOVE to #FLY #family #fall #latergram #lax #denairport #denairport #denver #losangeles @flylax

8. Going to Denver #airplane #flying #seattle #denver

9. United Airlines passengers see another day of chaos at Denver International Airport

Read the full story at ...Wednesday was another day of travel chaos for United Airlines passengers at Denver International Airport. In a headache-inducing baggage claim area, passengers searched for their belongings.

10. Virgin America Review: San Francisco to Denver | Travip Flight Review

A great experience with Virgin America with nice cabin and seats on flight from San Francisco (SFO) to Denver (DEN).

Equipment used: Fujifilm XA-2, Samsung J7 Prime, Macbook Air and iMovie.

About me: My name is Travip. I'm a travel and aviation blogger/vlogger and book author in Vietnam. I love flying and travelling. I fly around 70 flights/year, mostly with Vietnam Airlines, Malaysia Airlines, AirAsia, Jetstar Pacific and VietJet Air, some with Air India, Garuda Indonesia, Emirates and Aeroflot, both economy class and business class. I've been to 22 countries/territories in the world and keep discovering more.


For more videos or visit my page at:

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11. PANDEMIC TRIPREPORT | Southwest Airlines (ECONOMY) | Boeing 737-700 | Denver - San Francisco

See some incredible views out of Denver overlooking the Rocky Mountains as I fly on Southwest out to San Francisco.

12. Flying over the Colorado Rockies - Denver to Sacramento

A beautiful flight over the Colorado Rockies in January. Thank you for a safe flight - United Airlines.

13. San Francisco To Denver Via Burbank On Southwest

I flew to Denver from San Francisco via Burbank on Southwest Airlines. I took BART, which is the metro system in the SF Bay Area to get to SFO. Great flights on Southwest and a great day of flying.
I'm still a novice at making videos, so please excuse the poor audio and video quality. Also, the audio would not go into the video, so I had to type out the script! No voice over.
Instagram: @EwanAv

Thanks for the support as always! Happy Easter!

Fun fact, in the thumbnail picture, I was about 70 feet above that road!

14. Full Flight: Frontier Airlines: San Francisco to Denver 2

In this video, I film the arrival and then board it. We do end up being at the gate for a while creating a delayed departure. We then pushback, start our engines, and taxi to takeoff from Runway 1R. Then, we descend, approach, and land on Runway 16R.


15. Travel at Denver International Airport (DIA) Like a Pro | Denver Airport Tour

Denver's airport (DIA) is one of the largest and busiest airports on the planet, and many people find it to be one of the most confusing airports in the United States. You can get to the Denver airport from Downtown Denver by train using the RTD light rail. It's also one of many airports that has a train inside. And sometimes, you just want a tour of the airport before you get there.

While most people know Denver International Airport for its many conspiracy theories about lizard people, the Illuminati, and underground bunkers, there are also some helpful tips that can help you navigate this airport that has become one of the major airport travel hubs in the United States.

Check DIA security wait times:
DIA parking lot statuses:

In this video, you'll get Denver travel tips and a Denver airport tour from a local on how to navigate DIA and get around Denver's huge, multilevel airport so that you can enjoy your time in Denver and get home without missing your flight. If you're traveling to Denver, here are more videos that can help you plan your trip:

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