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San Antonio To Denver Flights

1. Flying From San Antonio tx to Denver Co.

2. Southwest Airlines 2049 San Antonio to Denver

Early morning flight. Takeoff and landing. Boeing 737-800

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3. UNITED AIRLINES ✈️ San Antonio to Denver #travel #shorts #2023

Short video of travelling with United Airlines Flight to Denver. Friendly flight attends and a pleasant flight!

Date: 2023

4. Flight to San Antonio

5. fly with me from San Antonio to El Paso ✈️

fly with me from San Antonio to El Paso ✈️ turbulence was worse than I’m used to so I was trying to stay calm. ended the day with some Chico’s Tacos in which I haven’t had in years! it was yummy 😋

#minivlog #vlog #elpaso

6. {HD} [FULL FLIGHT] Dallas (DAL) — San Antonio (SAT) — Southwest Airlines — Boeing 737-8H4 — N8582Z

→ Guess what, y'all? I made it! Not a minute left to spare, nearly the last person to board a completely full flight AND a window seat? Think I should go play the lottery now? I do! Welcome to my home for the next two and a half hours (what WAS supposed to be, like, 45 minutes). We start at Love's gate 20 and push back. Once again, ATC was in the middle of a pattern switch (5th switch in an hour), so our taxi was very lengthy (a good half of this video). See the timestamps below to skip to the takeoff. (VERY HELPFUL) Anywho, we take runway 13L by storm and launch outta Dallas. Since there is a, err, very large storm blocking our direct flight path to San Antonio, we head to the south east and try to circumvent the storm. While we stay within the state lines of Texas the entire flight, we pass near Tyler, Longview, hug the state border with Louisiana, near Houston and Victoria, before approaching San Antonio's runway 4 from the south. Since SAT was still in VFR conditions, the flight crew shot a visual approach, and undershot the runway. They counteracted this by making a hard left turn, and with that, overshooting the runway. We roll back to the right and line up just in time for us to plant it on runway 4. After slamming the brakes and slowing to Southwest taxi speed, we taxi to the ramp and get a great view of the storm of which we just went around — and would have to depart into. I hope you enjoy this full flight as much as I did and as always, all the flight information and timestamps your heart could desire can be found below!

→ Flight info:

Airline: Southwest Airlines
Flight Number: 1329
Aircraft Type: Boeing 737-8H4
Registration Number: N8582Z
Seat: 29F
Flight date: May 28, 2021
Departure Airport: Dallas-Love Field, Dallas, Texas
Arrival Airport: San Antonio International Airport, San Antonio, Texas
Departure Gate: 20
Arrival Gate: A12
Departure Time: 6:10PM CDT (Schd. 5:55PM CDT) (15 minutes LATE)
Arrival Time: 8:38PM CDT (Schd. 7:00PM CDT) (1 hour 38 minutes LATE)
Departure Runway: 13L
Arrival Runway: 4
Flight Duration: (Including Taxi) 2 hours 28 minutes

Link to Flight Route:

Route of Flight:

Plane route info:
This plane started its day in Chicago by flying to Baltimore, then over to Denver, San Antonio and Dallas. After flying between Dallas and San Antonio (my flight), it would continue to Orlando, where it would overnight.


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Pushback: 0:08
Taxi Out: 2:39
Takeoff: 55:33
En-route: 56:46 — 2:19:50
T.O.C: 1:15:50 @ 36K
T.O.D: 1:56:24 @ 35K
Approach: 2:17:33
Landing: 2:19:18
Taxi In: 2:20:16
Parking Brake Set: 2:24:11


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7. How to Get A Better Boarding Position

8. San Antonio International Airport advises checking flight status before arrival

The San Antonio International Airport is urging travelers to plan ahead as the major winter storm is beginning to impact travel across the U.S.

9. MUSIC MIX United 790/356 - Vancouver, Denver, San Antonio, Winter Solstice Lunar Eclipse Flight


The moon was full and went into eclipse prior to arrival at SA.

The trip starts from the Gulf Islands to Victoria, and Vancouver.

Flight was during the time when winter weather was paralizing London, Frankfurt, and other EU airports.

The first plane was maybe 10 minutes late, second was one hour delayed by weather in Omaha. Flight crews were great.

10. Dallas Texas to Denver Colorado - Airbus A321 - American Airlines - Full Flight Vlog - DFW - DEN

This flight was on April 10, 2022 from Dallas, Texas DFW to Denver, Colorado DEN on a Airbus A321 via American Airlines. Flight AA2357

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11. TRIPREPORT| San Antonio-Denver | ECONOMY | United Airlines

Hello and welcome to another trip report!

Trip info:
Flight Number: UA/UAL 2619
Aircraft: Boeing 737-800
Aircraft Reg: N12218
Departure time:~ 1:37 CST (21 Min Late)
Departure gate: B3
Departure Date: Fri Oct 06 2023
Cost ~$150 USD (One way)
Arrival time: 2:49 MST (16 Min Late)

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12. Denver International Airport | Southwest Terminal C Walk

Walkthrough Southwest Terminal C at the Denver International Airport. Includes walk to the outside deck with views of the runway and aircraft. #dia #denver #southwestairlines #airtravel #denverairport

13. FlightReacts To San Antonio Spurs vs Denver Nuggets Full Game Highlights | Nov 26, 2023!


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14. Amtrak vs Plane. What is better

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15. United Airlines announces expansion plans at Denver International Airport

If you travel through Denver International Airport via United Airlines, you'll soon notice some exciting new changes.