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Miami To Dubai Flight Route

1. Emirates lands in Miami | Emirates Airline

Our first passenger flight to Miami landed last week, taking our US network to 12 gateways from Dubai. The route is served four times a week by our Boeing 777-300ER.

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2. How to Survive Flying Emirates Economy Class (Top Tips)

I flew Emirates A380 economy class from Dubai to Zurich. In the video, I gave 8 good tips on how to survive or how to enjoy economy class flying. I am sure you will benefit from some of the tip I gave!

The video also shows you the children's kit and meal on Emirates. Also Ramadan Iftar boxes are shown in the video. Enjoy the magnificent forward wing view with engine on the A380!


Join me for a relaxed and fun flight from Dubai to Zurich with Emirates. I travel aboard the Airbus A380 aeroplane in Emirates economy class and I reveal eight tips and tricks on how you can enjoy and get the most out of your economy class flight. We can’t all experience the luxury of flying first class but this video aims to show that it certainly isn’t impossible to have a very enjoyable, relaxing and comfortable flight in economy class with just a little prior planning, research and thought.

In this video, I also specifically examine some of the comforts offered by the Emirates airline within their economy class to help their customers. One thing we focus on is Emirates’ provision for children and we examine the complimentary items including blankets, bibs, baby wipes and colouring in books which are given out to families with young children.

Tip #1 – Even if you’re flying in economy class, try and access a credit card lounge before the flight to make yourself more comfortable and prepared for boarding. You’re more likely to start the flight in a better mood and in a more positive state of mind, especially if you’ve had to wait at the airport for a while, if you’ve had something to eat, had a comfortable seat to sit on and been in relaxed and more quiet surroundings. If you are not eligible to enter one of these lounges, consider paying for entry; it is likely to be well worth your investment as one of the biggest reasons why people do not enjoy their flight in economy class is because they were not in the right frame of mind to begin with.

Tip #2 – Use a website such as to see where clusters of empty seats are on the flight that you wish to take. By using this website, you may be able to purchase seats from the airline’s website which are in a quieter spot, with less people surrounding you. can show real time seat maps for your flight up to one hour before the departure of the flight, letting you make an informed decision as to the best seat location for you in economy class.

Tip #3 – Use a website such as to get to know the layout of the economy class on your flight better so that you can select more advantageous economy seats with views over the engines, or, perhaps most importantly, with more leg room. There’s almost always a few economy seats with much, much more leg room than others because of the free space that has to be left in front of the aircraft’s mid-placed emergency exit.

Furthermore, after coming on board, if there’s a very favourable seat which is vacant and unsold, grab it before anybody else does!

Tip #4 – If you can, travel in the low season when fares are lower and when planes are less crowded. Low season months are February, May and November.

During my flight in Emirates economy class, I was able to move around to a large number of different seats as, travelling in May, it was low season. I was also able to lie down over a complete row of four economy seats and get a quality rest as if I was in business class, but without business class prices! If you can, it certainly pays dividends to travel in economy class when it’s less busy in the low season.

Tip #5 – Always bring a bottle of water with you to stay hydrated and avoid excessive alcohol consumption which can dehydrate you. Additionally, always bring an eye-shade with you so that you can get quality rest whenever you need it; these are provided on some longer haul flights but it’s always best to have your own, just in case.

Tip #6 – Wear something loose and comfy to promote good well being and also good blood circulation whilst you’re up in the air. This is especially important when the flight is crowded and/or there isn’t a lot of leg room and movement is restricted. This follows on to…

Tip #7 – Wherever possible, stretch your limbs and walk around the cabin – it doesn’t just help keep your blood circulating in what can be a cramped economy class but it keeps your mood happy too. Feeling confined and restricted in economy class is a big source of uncomfortable economy class flights.

Tip #8 – Stay smiling and stay positive whenever travelling in economy class. Don’t forget to bring your headphones with you to listen to some of your favourite tunes whilst you’re in the sky!

I really want to hear your opinion – do you have any thoughts about what makes for a good trip in economy class? Is there anything that you swear by? Leave your comments down below and, as always, thanks for watching!

3. 12 hrs in Emirates First Class

Welcome to Emirates First Class onboard the Airbus A380. Today we're taking a look around their iconic First Class suites on a 12 hour flight to Dubai. Aside from having your own private bedroom there's also an onboard shower, currently the only way to shower in the sky (commercially).

4. TRIP REPORT|New York -Dubai |Long Haul on the EMIRATES Airbus A380-800lEconomy class.

Hello my Future travelers! Welcome once again to one of my trip reports .
This time I will be flying the Airbus A380 on a long haul flight from New York to Dubai.
The A380 is very confortable for long haul flights and the legroom is just amazing .
The flight from New York to Dubai time 12 hours and 10 minutes and it was really enjoyable with all the amenities and food which was provided on this flight.
I will show you the boarding process , cabin tour, food services , enterteiment system and the incredible mood lighting of this Airbus A380.

Emirates Airlines
flight time : 12:10
flight number : EK 202
Aircraft : Airbus A380-800
Seat number. : 75 D

5. |Infinite Flight|From: Dubai (DXB) to Miami (MIA)|Emirates B777-300ER|

|Route Information|
Route: [OMDB - KMIA]
Plane: Boeing 777-300ER
Airline: Emirates
Flight Time: 16 Hours and 35 Minutes
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6. Travel on a direct Emirates flight from Dubai to Miami, here are five cool places to visit

Now that you can travel on a direct #Emirates flight from #Dubai to #Miami, here are five cool #places to #visit in the #city.

7. Top 10 Longest Flights In The World

The Top 10 longest flights in the world, as of 2018-2020. The new longest flight in the world, both by distance and time in the air, is about 9,534 miles and 19 hours. Can you imagine spending that many hours straight on an airplane? One must be mentally prepared for such day-long flights. The flight times listed in the video, are current as of October 2018, though these tend to vary due to factors like weather, climate conditions, and airport traffic at different times of the year. With all that in mind, here are the 10 longest flights in the world.


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8. Why There Are NO Flights Between East Asia & South America

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9. Complete Airline Flight From Miami To Dubai, Emirates Airlines, Flight Simulator 2020, Boeing 777

This is a complete airline flight from Miami to Dubai in 14 hours in a Boeing 777-300ER of the Emirates Airlines in the Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, gameplay and recorded in Xbox Series X.

Complete airline flight from Miami to Dubai in Emirares airlines, Flight Simulator 2020, Boeing 777
Complete airline flight from Miami to Dubai in Emirares airlines, Flight Simulator 2020, Boeing 777
Complete airline flight from Miami to Dubai in Emirares airlines, Flight Simulator 2020, Boeing 777
Complete Airline flight from Miami to Dubai in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020!
Complete Airline flight from Miami to Dubai in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020!
Complete Airline flight from Miami to Dubai in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020!

10. Infinite Flight 22.6 Timelapse - Dubai (DXB) to Miami (MIA) | Emirates B77W

Thanks for taking some time to watch this timelapse.
NOTE: This is a multishot Timelapse
Route: Dubai, United Arab Emirates - Miami, United States
Dubai International Airport - Miami International Airport
Equipment: Emirates Airlines B777-300ER (UAE B77W)

Gate Departure: Terminal 3 Gate A03 @ 6:03 am (GST)
Takeoff: Runway 30R @ 6:34 am (GST)
Landing: Runway 8L @ 2:06 pm (EST)
Gate Arrival: Terminal S Gate J17 @ 2:17 pm (EST)
Travel time: 16 hours and 14 minutes
Flight time: 15 hours and 32 minutes

This flight, like almost all of my flights, is a real-life route as of the time of creation. The flight number is UAE/EK213. It is scheduled to takeoff at 0320 (UTC-4:00) and arrives at 1100 (UTC+4:00). The scheduled total travel time is 15 hrs 30 min according to FlightAware.

SID: BNSFH3 transition REPEE

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11. Infinite Flight - From: Dubai (DXB) to Miami (MIA) | TIMELAPSE | Emirates B777-300ER

Infinite Flight Global: From Dubai, United Arab Emirates (OMDB/DXB) to Miami, Florida United States (KMIA/MIA) on Emirates Boeing 777-300ER.
Route: [OMDB - KMIA]
Plane: Boeing 777-300ER
Airline: Emirates
Device: iPad 8 (2020)
Flight Time: 16 Hours and 35 Minutes
Dirty South - With You (Jai Wolf Remix)

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12. Travel Day - Stansted To Dubai Flying With Emirates Are They Any Good

Join me on a FULL Travel day from London Stanstead, Flying Emirates to Dubai as I check out the entertainment and food onboard to see if it's worth the awards it wins!

Let me know in the comments if you like this kind of video and ill do more ;-)

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13. Flying from Medellin to Miami en route to Dubai 🇦🇪

Landing in Miami from Colombia. Flying from Medellin to Miami en route to Dubai 🇦🇪

14. Miami to Dubai Travel Vlog

In this vlog, we travel from Miami to Dubai. We documented our journey from Miami International Airport all the way to Dubai's DXB Airport. Then we end it with settling into our Dubai condo.

We were concerned about how Isaiah would handle his first flight ever. Especially since it was such a long flight from Miami to Dubai and not a short flight within the US. That 15 hour flight was no joke but he handled it like it wasn't his first time.

This was the first day of our amazing journey and experience of Dubai. It's a totally different culture from Miami. Even though Dubai can be looked to as the Miami of the Middle East, it's very different.

This was a life-changing trip for many reasons so we hope you enjoy our Miami to Dubai travel vlog.

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15. TRIP REPORT | 15h on Emirates A380! | Dubai to New York | Emirates Airbus A380

Emirates Trip Report flying from Dubai to New York JFK onboard one of the Emirates Airbus A380s on a nice autumn day. A scheduled stop was done at Milan Malpensa.

A comfortable flight from Dubai to New York onboard one of the Emirates A380s. Both flights were pretty full, although the one from Dubai to Milan was slightly more booked. The A380 offers such comfort and space that, even with the full plane, that 15 h was doable.

We departed from runway 12R in Dubai, which means that we took off heading southeast. Just after takeoff, we made a 180° turn to the right to start our flight to Milan. The views we had of Dubai downtown, including all of the skyscrapers (and of course the Burj Khalifa), were just perfect. I sincerely think they couldn't be better.

After that, we flew all the way up over the Persian Gulf towards Irak. We flew over Basrah, east of Bagdad, Kirkurk, and Erbil, just before starting to enjoy the amazing views of the mountains close to the Irak-Turkey border. We crossed then Turkey, from southeast to northwest and finally, we entered the Black Sea. We then flew over Bulgaria, Serbia, Bosnia, Croatia, and, finally, Italy. We landed in Milan on time after a nice approach to the south of the Alps.

After a 2 hours scheduled layover in Milan, we boarded the same A380 and started our journey to New York. We departed towards the Alps and flew over them during the climb. The views were absolutely amazing. We flew really close to the top. From there we flew over Switzerland, France, and south of the UK and Ireland, before starting to cruise over the North Atlantic ocean.

We had a quite long Sunset, as we were flying to the west, but an even longer dusk, that lasted for hours. After 4-5h of only seeing the sea, we finally reached Canada and the US. We landed well ahead of the schedule in New York, ending that way a real ultra-long-haul flight.

About the catering onboard, on the 1st flight, there were 2 services. The first one came just after departure, and it was just a warm snack sweet (blueberry pastry) or salty (egg sandwich with cheddar). The second one was the main one, the lunch service. This time there were 2 options as main: pasta with mushroom sauce or beef goulash. I went for the beef. It came with a roasted beetroot and couscous salad as a starter, bread with butter and cheese, and apple crumble as dessert. What am I gonna say about the Emirates catering that you don't already know? It was more than delicious. Five stars service, as always.

On the 2nd one there were 2 as well: first came the main service (dinner service). There were 2 options again: lamb and chicken. This time I went for the chicken. It came with a sweetcorn and barley salad as a starter, bread with cheese and butter, and strawberry and redcurrant crumble as dessert. All types of drinks were offered with the meal.

Now it is your turn! Have you ever flown with Emirates? Which route? Onboard which plane? Have you ever flown on the Airbus A380? Have you ever been in Milan? Maybe in Dubai? What do you think about the Emirates onboard service? Have you ever done a so long flight?
Lots of things to talk about! Read you in the comments!

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· Airline: EMIRATES
· Airplane: Airbus A380-800
· Flight number: UAE205 - EK205
- Departure: Dubai (DXB - OMDB)
- Arrival: New York (JFK - KJFK)
- Technical Stop: Milan (MXP - LIMC)
· Departure Gate: A14
· Seat: 50K
· Registration: A6-EEZ
· Date of Recording: November 2022
· Recorded with SAMSUNG GALAXY S21 Ultra (in UHD 4K).

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----- CHAPTERS -----
00:00 Intro
00:28 Dubai Airport
02:15 Planespotting in Dubai
03:13 Boarding the A380
06:11 Taxi in Dubai
07:00 Takeoff from Dubai
09:04 Burj Khalifa & More
11:17 Snack service 1
12:47 Iraq, Turkey & Zagros Mountains
13:46 Lunch Service (1st main service)
15:39 The Alps & Big Lakes I
16:21 Approaching Milan
17:21 Landing in Milan
19:12 Disembark at Milan
19:49 Transit at Milan airport
21:01 Boarding the A380
22:55 Taxi in Milan
23:32 Takeoff from Milan
25:30 The Alps & Big Lakes II
27:53 Dinner Service (2nd main service)
28:52 The World Cup onboard!
30:35 Approaching New York
31:20 Landing in New York JFK
32:06 Taxi in New York JFK
32:50 JFK Airport

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