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Houston To Vancouver Flight Time

1. Massive 5 hour Vatsim event: Houston, TX to Vancouver in Boeing 737-800

Join us for an exciting 4.5 hour virtual flight from Houston to Vancouver as part of a VATSIM special event with full ATC coverage. We'll be flying a Boeing 737 and following real-world flight procedures as we take off from George Bush Intercontinental Airport and make our way north to Vancouver International Airport. We'll encounter a variety of air traffic control challenges and communicate with controllers in real-time as we navigate the busy skies. Along the way, we'll showcase the stunning scenery of the US and Canada, including majestic mountains, pristine lakes, and bustling cities. As we make our descent into Vancouver, we'll be guided by air traffic control and follow strict landing procedures to ensure a smooth and safe arrival. Don't miss out on this unique and immersive virtual flight experience! #FlightSimulator #Boeing737 #VATSIM #Houston #Vancouver #ATC #VirtualFlight #Scenery

2. #unitedairlines Airbus A320 lands in Houston (IAH) from Vancouver (YVR) #aviation #planespotting

3. Top 10 Longest Flights In The World

The Top 10 longest flights in the world, as of 2018-2020. The new longest flight in the world, both by distance and time in the air, is about 9,534 miles and 19 hours. Can you imagine spending that many hours straight on an airplane? One must be mentally prepared for such day-long flights. The flight times listed in the video, are current as of October 2018, though these tend to vary due to factors like weather, climate conditions, and airport traffic at different times of the year. With all that in mind, here are the 10 longest flights in the world.


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4. DON'T book seats next to your travel partner🚫

Have you ever tried this? We've been doing this since our first flight together in 2015 and we've probably had the row to ourselves 80-90% of the time🙌

5. CATCHING A CONNECTING FLIGHT! ✈️ #cabincrewlife

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Airline: Air Canada (AC/ACA)
Aircraft: Boeing 737 MAX 8 (B38M)
Flight Number: AC226
Seat: 31F
Registration: C-FSEQ (MSN 61211)
Route: Vancouver (YVR) - Calgary (YYC)
Flying Time: 57 minutes
Date filmed: July 2021

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7. Why There Are NO Flights Between East Asia & South America

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8. Gate to Gate: Seattle to Houston on United [Flight Time Lapse]

Video from my flight to Houston as the first leg of a trip to Rio de Janeiro from Seattle. Covers. Gate to Gate. Continues from SEA to IAH.

9. Full Flight: Delta Air Lines B737-900ER Minneapolis to Vancouver (MSP-YVR)

Hey guys! In this video, I continue my journey from Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA west to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada aboard a Delta Air Lines B737-900ER! I didn't have a ton of time at MSP again, but I got to see a little more of the airport on my brisk walk to my next gate. As I say in the video, I really need to make Minneapolis a destination and stay for awhile - as well as try their hometown airlines Sun Country. The flight itself was excellent and is what I've come to expect from Delta. They really seem to stand out among the US legacy carriers as being the best due to their professionalism, on time performance, interior hard product, and great service/FAs. Very much enjoyed this flight, and especially enjoyed flying over some of the Pacific Northwest finally! The approach into YVR wasn't too shabby either :D Hope you guys enjoy!

P.S. This is my first international flight in a long string soon to come! Got lots of exciting flights, new destinations, and new airlines coming to the channel! :)

Flight Info:

Airline: Delta Air Lines
Aircraft/Registration: Boeing 737-900ER (N928DU)
Seat: 28F
Flight Time: 3 hr 24 min
Flight #: DL1084
Takeoff: Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport
Landing: Vancouver International Airport
Filmed: November 2019

Camera(s) Used: Canon Powershot G7X Mark II

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10. 14 Hours in Air New Zealand Premium Economy from Vancouver to Auckland

Welcome to my 14 Hour Journey from Vancouver, Canada to Auckland, New Zealand in Air New Zealand's, Premium Economy. Join me as I show you what the seat, food, drink and service is like in this cabin! And be sure to stay until the end to hear how much this flight cost me!

Have YOU flown in Air NZ's Premium Economy? Let me know below!

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11. International Flight Auckland to Houston in Air New Zealand Premium Economy @airnz | EP01

Flying from Auckland to Houston we got upgraded to Premium Economy. We're off the USA for a road trip!

USA Road Trip 2023:

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12. Will we make our connection at the WORLD’s BUSIEST AIRPORT!

Have you ever looked at your itinerary and thought, "Do we have enough time to connect in Atlanta?"

Well, then this video about ATL is for YOU! Watch this video to see whether you can make a tight connection at the world's busiest airport.

In this video, you'll learn how airports and airlines develop minimum connecting time and, more importantly, how realistic it is.

We only have 39 minutes to connect from one flight to another at the world's busiest airport, Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.

By the time our first flight touches down, the next one will already be boarding. And that's not all...we are sitting in the very back of the plane so we can really put this short connection time to the ultimate test.

Will we make it? Watch this video to find out and to get some helpful tips for your next connecting flight.

The Atlanta Airport is the world's busiest, which means it's important to know how to connect in Atlanta. We'll share our tips about Atlanta Airport Connecting flights in this video!

0:00 Introduction
4:01 What is Minimum Connection Time?
8:57 Bloopers

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13. United Airlines | B787-9 | Polaris First Class | 🇺🇸Houston (IAH) To Newark (EWR) 🇺🇸| Trip Report

My flight from Houston (IAH) To Newark (EWR) in Polaris First Class with United Airlines.
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My FlightRadar24 (Only has flights I've recorded):

Airline: United Airlines
Flight #: UA1768
Depart: George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH)
Arrive: Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR)
Aircraft: Boeing B787-9 Dreamliner
Reg #: N27958
Seat: 3L (Polaris)
Flight Date: 6/12/2021
Scheduled Flight Time: 3 hrs 25min
Actual Flight Time: 3 hrs 20min

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14. How to find CHEAP flights 🙌🏼

15. I flew on the CHEAPEST flight to Japan 🇯🇵

I only paid $500 for a one-way ticket to Japan... but somehow got a $1500 seating 😂