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Flights To St Thomas From Houston

1. Delta Pilot Roasts Spirit 😂😅😆

2. Can I fly to EVERY United Airlines Hub in ONE day

United Airlines operates seven hub airports: Newark, Dulles, O’Hare, Houston, Denver, LAX, and SFO. In this video, I attempt to visit them all…in ONE day!

We’re calling this Aviation Marathon, “Hub Hopping!” and it was one of the most epic and challenging travel days!

With six connections, six airplanes and six crews, not to mention seven airports, plus who knows how many weather systems. A LOT could go wrong.

But, did I make it? Keep watching to find out!

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3. United Airlines Trip Report - Chicago (ORD) - Saint Thomas (STT) Economy Plus

Music in this video: Artist: Crash Adams. Song Title: Destination. Filmed on February 4th, 2023

4. Yet ANOTHER fight on a Spirit Airlines 😂(HOT)

#shorts Spirit Airlines is known to be cheap in its flights which can attract some of the less desirable people to fly.. check out this chick fight lol.

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5. St. Maarten Airplane Landing Near The Beach

My girlfriend Emily standing underneath a plane that was landing near the beach we were at in St. Maarten.

6. FIRST CLASS on THREE Airlines in ONE DAY! (Which is best)

Watch this video to see what it’s like to fly United Airlines First Class, American Airlines First Class, AND Delta Air Lines First Class in one day!

In this airline comparison video, we’ll put the “Big Three” US Airlines head-to-head based on their domestic first class offering. We'll figure out which airline has the best first class in the USA. You’ll see each airline in all its glory to highlight the First Class Seats, First Class Food, First Class Service, along with each airline’s Inflight Entertainment.

We'll show you United First Class Food, Delta First Class Food, and American Airlines First Class food!

0:00 Introduction
1:14 United Airlines First Class
5:22 American Airlines First Class
9:45 Delta Air Lines First Class

First Class Myths Video

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8. I Flew Delta For The First Time & Fell In Love Despite A Rough Start

A few weeks ago Morgan Leet from Narcity was desperate for some sun after a long and rainy winter in Vancouver, so she decided to book a flight to Phoenix, Arizona. The cheapest flight she could find was on Delta Air Lines. Since she’d never flown it before, she decided to document her first time.

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9. United Airlines Boeing 737-700 from St Thomas US Virgin Islands landing Dulles International Airport

Boeing 737-700 from United Airlines coming from the St Thomas US Virgin Islands airport landing at Dulles International Airport near Washington DC

10. A fallen soldier returns home at Houston IAH #MemorialDay 2019

A solemn moment at Houston IAH — a fallen soldier returns home 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 #memorialday 2019

11. KLM 747 Extreme Jet Blast blowing People away at Maho Beach, St. Maarten - 2014-01-14

Extreme Jet Blast on Maho Beach, St. Maarten, SXM:
KLM 747 PH-BFB "City of Bangkok" departing to Amsterdam blowing some People away.

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Recorded with SONY DSC-HX300.

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12. Delta Airlines 737 - Beautiful Take off from St. Thomas Airport🌴 Plus a Summer 2021 Review !

13. Spirit Airlines A319 takeoff from Houston International Airport! (IAH)

Take a look at this Spirit Airlines A319 taking off from Houston International Airport! If you enjoy this video, please like and subscribe to reach the 1K followers as soon as possible!! ;)

Video filmed: December 25, 2021 🎄

Airline: Spirit Airlines
Aircraft: Airbus A319-132
Tail Number: N503NK
From: Houston, USA
To: Orlando, FL
Flight time: 1 Hour 54 minutes
Flight: NK1156


NOTE: I didn’t filmed this video. I just edited and share it with you guys!

#SpiritAirlines #A319 #Houston

Music by LiQWYD:

14. Departing from St. Thomas

15. American Airlines MD-80 Full flight Trip Report Houston (IAH) to Dallas (DFW)

Thanks for watching another Captain Cooper video!

Airline: American
Aircraft: Super 80 (MD83)
Aircraft Reg: N961TW (18.9 years old on this date)
Seat: 31A (JT8D view)
Flight time: 40 minutes

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As a continuation of my last flight from Dallas, i got right back onto 961 to DFW again to return to Atlanta. This flight however, was very empty unlike my last flight. Only 30 people were on board this flight and so i moved from 27A to 31A with the permission of the Flight Attendants during the safety demonstration which was very nice of them. During our taxi however, we had an older gentleman get up during taxi and use the lavatory. The F/A's just let him go and told the flight deck to wait until he returned to his seat which only took about 15 minutes. As always, the JT8D engines were phenomenal and the flight was terrific. Thumbs up to the crew not going back to the gate and making a fuss about having the passenger removed from the flight unlike the same scenario on a Delta MD88 where the crew returned to the gate and removed the passenger.

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