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Flights To St Thomas From Dallas

1. Delta Pilot Roasts Spirit 😂😅😆

2. American Airlines MD80 Atlanta to Dallas/Fort Worth Full Flight Trip Report

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Date: 02/03/18
Airline: American (AAL)
Aircraft: MD82 (Super 80)
Aircraft Reg: N7550 (27 years old)
Flight #: AA2476
Seat: 26A
Flight time: 2 hours 15 min.
Cruising Alt: 34,000 ft. (FL340)
Arrival Gate: C27

On this trip, I simply just felt like flying on my favorite planes and booked three flights on them this day as well as a 737 back to ATL this evening. I met up with a great friend of mine Jason, for the day. Some of ya'll will know him as @the.jetsetter so go give him a follow on Instagram and snapchat! We decided to meet up at DFW and spend my first layover there together and do some spotting with him there. I saw him off on N972DL his MD88, and he caught my arrival into Dallas which you can catch at 48:12. This was another amazing flight on the MD82 and I cant wait for the others in the future.

This is one of the last 10 MD82's flying in the American fleet and in the USA.

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3. If Airlines Were People #shorts

Who needs first class when you have no class ✈️

Feat. @billydeuce86 @ASAPRoffe


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4. Boeing 757-200 American | Philadelphia (PHL) - St. Thomas Cyril E. King (STT) | Dylan Prestage

This was a flight to St. Thomas but afterwards my family took the Ferry to Tortola where we stayed for the vacation. We were originally supposed to fly to San Juan, Puerto Rico then catch a connecting flight to Beef Island in Tortola but the flights got cancelled

5. American Airlines | AA2738 | N916NN | Boeing 737-823 | Dallas, DFW to Montego Bay, MBJ

American Airlines | AA2738 | N916NN | Boeing 737-823 | Dallas, DFW to Montego Bay, MBJ | Short # 349

6. American Airlines B757-200 | Charlotte to St. Thomas | Departure & BEAUTIFUL Arrival!

I literally have nothing to upload except airport updates, so I thought I might as well upload the takeoff and landing videos from my 757 flights. Sadly, the aircraft featured in this video and the next one (N678AN) was retired a week ago in Roswell, New Mexico :( Thanks so much for the memories, N678AN. Enjoy retirement...
Takeoff: 00:37
Flaps Up: 02:11
Turning over the Atlantic: 03:10
Descent: 03:16
Short finals: 04:47
Touchdown: 05:05 (HARD LANDING)
Arrival at Gate 7: 07:43
Airline: American Airlines
Aircraft: Boeing 757-223WL
Registration: N678AN
Aircraft Age: 18.7 years old
Delivered: November 1998
Retired: July 30th, 2017 (just 2 weeks after I flew her)
Route: Charlotte Douglas to St. Thomas, USVI
Depature Runway: RWY 18L
Arrival Runway: RWY 10
Outro Music: "Keep on Trying" by Andrew Applepie
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7. The Boarding of Flight 314 - SNL

Two gate agents (Tina Fey, Taran Killam) call increasingly ridiculous boarding groups including children with small parents, frequent fly girls, X-Men First Class and, finally, themselves after they fall in love. [Season 39, 2013]


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8. FIRST CLASS on THREE Airlines in ONE DAY! (Which is best)

Watch this video to see what it’s like to fly United Airlines First Class, American Airlines First Class, AND Delta Air Lines First Class in one day!

In this airline comparison video, we’ll put the “Big Three” US Airlines head-to-head based on their domestic first class offering. We'll figure out which airline has the best first class in the USA. You’ll see each airline in all its glory to highlight the First Class Seats, First Class Food, First Class Service, along with each airline’s Inflight Entertainment.

We'll show you United First Class Food, Delta First Class Food, and American Airlines First Class food!

0:00 Introduction
1:14 United Airlines First Class
5:22 American Airlines First Class
9:45 Delta Air Lines First Class

First Class Myths Video

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9. Can I fly to EVERY United Airlines Hub in ONE day

United Airlines operates seven hub airports: Newark, Dulles, O’Hare, Houston, Denver, LAX, and SFO. In this video, I attempt to visit them all…in ONE day!

We’re calling this Aviation Marathon, “Hub Hopping!” and it was one of the most epic and challenging travel days!

With six connections, six airplanes and six crews, not to mention seven airports, plus who knows how many weather systems. A LOT could go wrong.

But, did I make it? Keep watching to find out!

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10. New video shows allegedly intoxicated pilot trying to board plane l ABC News

New surveillance video shows what Delta pilot Gabriel Shroeder did just before boarding the plane that made airport security officials suspicious.

#ABCNews #Delta #GabrielShrooder #DrunkPilot #TSA

11. American Airlines A319 First Class - Dallas to Pittsburgh

Finishing up my trip, I flew aboard American Airlines up to Pittsburgh, PA from Dallas, TX on one of their A319s in First Class! Obviously, this was no where near the experience I had in Flagship Business on their Dreamliner, but for a narrowbody it certainly beats sitting in Economy. Now, if only the meal service was on the First Class level, then it would be worth it...but sadly American eliminated their meals during COVID in the name of "safety". It was still a very nice flight though and since I just ate beforehand on my previous flight and at the airport, I really wasn't expecting a steak to be placed in front of me. American's A319 only has 8 First Class seats up front, so it's a very private and inclusive section pardoned off from the rest of the plane. It's a really cool experience sitting up there and having one flight attendant serving that few people, and when the FA is friendly it just adds to the goodness. Hope you guys enjoy!

Flight Info:

Airline: American Airlines
Aircraft/Registration: Airbus A319 (N808AW)
Seat: 2A
Flight Time: 2 hr 1 min
Flight #: AA 131
Takeoff: Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport
Landing: Pittsburgh International Airport
Filmed: December 15, 2020

Camera(s) Used: Canon Powershot G7X Mark II

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12. time lapse of aerial St Thomas and cays- US Virgin Islands

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IMG 3608 C

13. Airplane low pass! St.Maarten, Maho beach..

Too low, too low!

14. Spirit Airlines Employee Suspended After Fight With Female Passenger at Dallas-Forth Worth Airport

Spirit Employee Suspended After Fighting Woman at Texas Airport
An airline agent at Dallas-Fort Worth Airport in Texas was suspended after footage taken on August 11 showed him brawling with a female passenger near departure gates and squaring up aggressively to a male bystander who tried to break up the fight.
In a two-minute video that captured some of the altercation, a male employee, wearing Spirit Airlines lanyard around his neck, squares up to a woman and yells at her as the she gesticulates with her hands toward his face.
“Don’t touch me ever in your life!” the employee shouts. “You touched me first and then you got in my face. Don’t ever invade my personal space!” he says while taking steps toward the woman, and as she steps back away from him. The woman yells “get out of my face” back at him, before shouting a homophobic and racist slur at the employee and shoving him away.
The employee, clearly aggravated, repeatedly tells the woman to stay out of his “personal space.” A male bystander then steps in between them in an attempt to calm the situation, but the woman reaches around him and slaps the employee in the side of the head. The employee breaks free from the bystander, tackles the woman to the ground and, as they both get back to their feet, strikes her in the head from behind.
The woman runs away, onlookers start shouting for the pair to break up the fight, and several other men try to block the employee from pursuing the woman. The employee, exploding with anger, yells at them to stop touching him, prompting the men to back away. He then knocks down some safety barriers obstructing him and sets off again after the woman, yelling: “You got the wrong person!”
The men continue after him trying to stop the pursuit. “Don’t fight that woman, bro!” one man warns him, before standing in front of the employee to block his path toward the woman. When the man tells the employee to fight him instead of the woman, the employee squares up to him and says, “I’ll fight whoever” repeatedly in the man’s face.
The employee tries to coax the man into a fight, saying “knock me out.” Defending his actions, he tells the man, “You saw what she did!” The man tells the employee he didn’t have to touch the woman and instead should have called security. He then walks away from the employee and the video ends a few moments later.
A Spirit Airlines representative confirmed to Storyful that the employee, who works for a vendor at the airport of behalf of the Spirit Airlines, was suspended by the vendor. The representative said the airline was “working with law enforcement” and that it “does not tolerate violence of any kind.”
Credit: Thomas Shannon via Storyful

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15. American Airlines MD80 Trip Report Atlanta to Dallas (Full Flight)

Welcome back to another Captain Cooper American Airlines Super 80 full flight video!

Sorry for the weird editing in the beginning I thought the terminal view was flipped back to where i wanted it but i guess not.

Date: 8/12/17
Airline: American (AAL)
Aircraft: MD83 (Super 80)
Aircraft Reg: N434AA (retired on the 20th low-key cried)
Aircraft Age: 30 years
Aircraft Engines: x2 Pratt & Whitney JT8D 219 (Hell yes)
Flight #: AA1473
Seat: 28F
Flight Time: 2 hours 20 min
Departure Time: 14:35 (eastern time zone)
Takeoff Rwy: 26L
Cruising Alt. 20,000 ft (FL200)
Arrival Time: 15:31(central)
Arrival Rwy: 18R
Arrival Gate: A15

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Watch people get up and walk around the cabin while still taxiing to the gate!!! 56:24

In this full flight, I'm back on my favorite plane!!! I was fortunate to find this MD80 flight on my way to Key West as well as some other exciting planes to fly on! This is actually the second time I've flown on N434AA to my memory so it was great to see him still flying! This flight was amazing in every aspect. I sat in the cockpit and turned the seatbelt sign on before departure and I had a nice chat with the flight crew. The flight attendant even remembered my name and she asked if i could take a picture with her! You can hear her ask at 56:33! The crew on this flight was great. They were extremely kind to me and everyone else. This seat was also very comfortable with plenty of legroom and the tray table didn't rest on my legs like a lot of other aircraft seats do. You also get an amazing view on the JT8D and get an amazing spot to listen to them! The cabin itself looks very nice and not too outdated. It's got a very unique and appealing look and is my favorite cabin look and layout in my opinion! Plenty of color and some cool designs on the side panels.It's simple and looks great! The size of the windows on this plane as well are massive! They're at the right hight and give you a nice open view! My love for the American Super 80 is unparallel, nothing excites or gives me as much joy in the world as being on this aircraft. Ive finally gotten a job so you can expect to see more flights on these guys in the future!

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