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Flights To Nashville From Newark

1. FLY WITH ME to Nashville on United Airlines FLIGHT UA 1786 From New York

Come fly with me taking off from Newark Liberty International Airport and landing at Nashville International Airport on United Airlines UA 1786. Follow me on my journey on a Boeing B737/800

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2. United Airlines TRIP REPORT Newark (EWR) to Nashville (BNA) Boeing 737-700

Newark, New Jersey to Nashville, Tennessee.. United airlines 737-700

3. Nashville to Newark on a Plane

Welcome on board Southwest Airlines flight 176 from Nashville to Newark. It was not the first flight I had booked to get home this week and not even the second or third, but it is the one on which I flew and I'm quite happy about that. I'm actually probably the only person happy that it was delayed nearly 4 hours as that meant I was able to get a seat on board.

The flight was completely uneventful but the weather at both takeoff and landing was rather dramatic.

4. First Flight with Allegiant! | Newark to Asheville onboard their A319

Airline: Allegiant
Plane: A319
Seat: 17F
Flight # 224

Among US airlines, Allegiant Air hasn't always had the best reputation. But, they're cheap, very cheap and air travel as of late has been getting pretty pricy. So, I decided to take the plunge and fly with this ultra low cost carrier a few weeks ago from Newark (EWR) to Asheville, North Carolina (AVL). This was my first time flying with Allegiant and this trip report covers my experiences.

Thumbnail credit: Colin Brown via Wiki commons

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5. Flying Spirit AMERICA'S WORST BUDGET Airline Nashville - New York WHAT A SHAMBLES!

Fly with The MacMaster on Spirit Airlines from Nashville to New York. I've read many reviews about Spirit Airlines some of them that say they are America's Worst Budget Airline in the USA. However The MacMaster never takes any notice of reviews so he booked a ticket to fly with them and it didn't start out well at all, in fact it was a little bit of a shambles. However how did the actual Take off, flight and landing work out. Let's find out if Spirit Airlines are the worst budget Airline in America or is it all pie in the sky?

#airplane #aircraft #travel

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6. Full Flight: American Airlines A321 Nashville to Charlotte (BNA-CLT)

Hey guys! When I said there'd be a whole slew of AA videos, I meant it :D. In this video, I fly aboard an American Airlines (ex-US Airways) A321 over to Charlotte, North Carolina from Nashville, Tennessee! I thought the flight was OK...nothing special...and if these were normal times then it would've been fine for how quick the flight was. But obviously it's 2020. I've routinely put American near the bottom of my safety list in past videos because I thought they did more than Spirit or Allegiant did, but this flight changed that opinion at least for now. The plane was noticeably dirty around the seats and in the lavatories...and I wasn't the only one who noticed this as well. American also hasn't changed their boarding process, they didn't hand out sanitizing wipes on this flight, it was a very full flight as no seats are blocked, they aren't even handing out snacks/drinks in plastic bags taking advantage of the situation, and on top of all these things I arrive to a jam-packed airport in CLT. If you want to feel safe flying during COVID-19, don't fly American unless you have to. The plane itself wasn't much better as it had AA's older hard product which doesn't have any power outlets, touchscreens, USB ports, etc. The crew was OK and the flight did depart/arrive on time, but in general, not the best flight aboard American Airlines, just mediocre. Hope you guys enjoy!

Flight Info:

Airline: American Airlines
Aircraft/Registration: Airbus A321 (N507AY)
Seat: 24F
Flight Time: 1 hr 6 min
Flight #: AA 2498
Takeoff: Nashville International Airport
Landing: Charlotte Douglas International Airport
Filmed: June 2020

Camera(s) Used: Canon Powershot G7X Mark II

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7. Delayed from Newark to Norway with United Airlines

Watch this video to see our experience with flight delays, disruptions, and cancellations in 2022...

You'll see the entire United Airlines International Polaris Business Class experience onboard a Boeing 757-200 in United Airlines’ International Business Class from Newark to Bergen, Norway!

Unfortunately, our plans were changed because of a delay -- thankfully we didn't have a flight cancellation -- but we still had to adapt. We’ll share exactly what happened and how we stayed on top of it as well as what you can do to maintain your composure when facing a similar challenge

You’ll see everything the airline has to offer on one of their premium international routes from Newark, one of their main hub airports.

This video highlights everything from the United Airlines Business Class experience! You’ll see the incredible Polaris Lounge you can access with an international Polaris Business Class ticket on United Airlines.

You’ll even see everything onboard from the impressive United catering not to mention two of their oldest United Polaris Business Class Seats. You’ll even see the inflight entertainment from United and so much more.

0:00 Introduction
3:55 United Airlines Delay
6:45 Boarding United Airlines 757
10:59 United Airlines 757 Jebscore
12:31 Bloopers

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8. 🇺🇸USA to INDIA🇮🇳|Flight journey|From Nashville to Newark |Spirit Airline|Part-1|Travel vlog 2021

Travelling to india with my kid ,Tamil vlogs from usa,Travel vlog 2021, hope u al enjoy it . If u like it , give thumbs up and do subscribe our channel..Thank you

9. Nashville Airport (BNA) – Check in and Walkthrough – Dec 2022

Video walkthrough of the check-in process with Delta Airlines at Nashville International Airport (BNA). Footage recorded December 2022.

“Dancing on a Memory” by Hallman
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“Believe me when I say it” by Matt Large

10. First Flight with Alaska Airlines! | First Class from Newark to Seattle

Airline: Alaska Airlines
Plane: 737-800
Seat: 2C
Flight # 11

*The plane in the thumbnail is a 737-900. I chose it because I like the picture.

Is Alaska Airlines really all it's cracked up to be? That's the question that was on my mind as I boarded my first ever flight with this Seattle based airline last year. About two weeks earlier, I flew to Denver with United onboard their own 737-800, which has similar recliner style seats in their premium cabin, and I had a nice trip. Surely Alaska couldn't do that much better flying the same plane with very similar seats? In this video I'll compare these two flights to see if it's really worth flying with Alaska.

For those who are interested, I sat in seat 3E on my United flight and it was roughly the same price as my flight with Alaska.

11. The BEST way to fly to EUROPE

Watch this video to see the ultimate way to fly to Europe and virtually eliminate the effects of Jet Lag to travel to Europe!

Jet Lag may be the WORST part of traveling to Europe, but with these “not-so-secret” flights, there’s a way to make the trip East from the USA a whole easier. In this video, we’ll share a few jet lag tips to help you make the trip from the US to Europe a little easier! We flew with United Airlines in Polaris Business Class from Newark and started our time in Europe completely ready for the experience.

The jet lag recovery tips in this video are just some travel hacks we’ve learned. But the real fun will come in the comments below as other travelers share their tips and tricks about how to travel to Europe, so please leave your ideas and have a look through other ones below!

Normally, a trip from the US East Coast to Europe involves a painful start to the trip thanks to that groggy feeling you can get when you don’t sleep on the red eye flight over, but you don’t have to feel that way! Watch this video to see how!

0:00 Introduction
1:29 Jeb’s Jet Lag Diatribe
0:43 Polaris Lounge
3:08 Boarding United 777-200
6:50 JebScore
7:53 Did it work?

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12. Flights to New York, Newark delayed at BNA

Some flights from Nashville to New York and Newark have been delayed. Flights at some airports are delayed because of an increase in air traffic control employees calling in sick as the government shutdown continued.

13. JetBlue A321 Mint Experience from Newark to St. Maarten

Watch this video to see the JetBlue Mint Experience and decide whether you want to book jetBlue’s Classic Mint Business Class to the Caribbean!

There aren’t very many ways to enjoy a lie flat seat from the United States to Caribbean destinations, but jetBlue’s Mint is one.

In this video, you’ll see jetBlue’s Classic Mint seat, the Mint food, jetBlue’s inflight entertainment, and you’ll even experience jetBlue’s Mint Service onboard this A321 from Newark to St. Maarten!

This jetBlue A321 is called "Fly In Mint Condition." It's a jetBlue A321 Mint equipped airplane with jetBlue Classic Mint installed. That's the older, original version of Mint. In this video, I'll even explain the difference between jetBlue's Refreshed Mint and jetBlue Classic Mint. You'll also see why this is the best jetBlue Mint for Couples!

0:00 Introduction
1:34 Classic versus Refreshed Mint Comparison
3:20 Boarding jetBlue Classic Mint and Seat Tour
6:14 Departing EWR for SXM
6:47 jetBlue Inflight Entertainment
9:12 jetBlue Mint Breakfast
11:06 jetBlue Classic Mint JebScore

For the most up-to-date about jetBlue Mint Routes and jetBlue Mint Routes, check out this website:

JetBlue “Throne Seat” Review from the Transcon Throwdown:

JetBlue Mint Studio Review:

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14. INAUGURAL FLIGHT on Silver Airways (Greensboro to Nashville)

Watch this video to fly onboard Silver Airways’ Inaugural Flight from Greensboro, North Carolina to Nashville, Tennessee.

Silver is a regional airline operating ATR-72 Turboprops from Florida, the Caribbean, and the Southeast United States.

I was over-the-moon excited to grab a ticket for this service. I was even the first passenger to ever check-in with Silver Airways!

There’s not a lot of services or features onboard, but we’ll still explore them all.

We’ll even give the experience a JebScore! We modified the Lounge score to better reflect an Economy Experience by focusing on the Ground Experience with things like boarding, communication, etc.

Unfortunately, Suzanne couldn’t join me on this trip, but she’ll be back soon!!

0:00 Introduction
2:24 Water Canon Salute
3:45 Departing Greensboro
6:31 JebScore

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Episode 776 | Filmed June 15, 2021

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0:00 Who are Kara and Nate?
0:29 Requirements to fly to Europe in 2021?
01:58 Packing up the van
03:08 Going to the airport!
04:16 Our favorite VPN
05:20 Flying from Nashville to Newark
07:50 United Polaris Lounge
09:33 Business class flight to Europe
13:06 Testing upon arrival
16:17 The dinner that made Kara cry
19:53 Incredible travel credit card offer!
20:24 Bloops


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