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Flights To Nashville From Detroit

1. No. 190: Trip Report Delta Comfort Plus from Detroit to Nashville (A319)

As we enter the second half of our "Two Step, 2 States" adventure; Fiona and I travel from Detroit MI to Nashville TN with Delta Airlines onboard one of their Airbus A319's in Comfort plus. This episode is therefore a pure trip report as we experience what Delta has to offer on one of their domestic services.

2. Full Flight: Southwest Airlines B737-800 Chicago-Midway to Nashville (MDW-BNA)

Hey guys! After flying into Chicago O'Hare time after time, I've finally made the trek over to Midway. Today, I'm flying aboard Southwest Airlines on one of their B737-800s down to Nashville, Tennessee! I have to say, my first impressions of Midway were 1. that everything's closed, but 2. that it is literally almost completely dominated by Southwest, and 3. that it is an extremely compact airport which tries to make use of whatever space it has to work with. Midway Airport is a very unique airport and one that I'll definitely be back to in the future. The runways are much shorter than usual meaning that airplanes must use full power on every takeoff and must land almost immediately at the beginning of each runway to be sure to stop in time. It's by no means a dangerous airport, just a very cool airport to fly through as it's just so small. Flying above it really shows you the actual size of MDW. As far as BNA, wow did they do a fantastic job with Concourse D! It definitely has to be one of my favorite jetties now. The flight itself was also very enjoyable, especially because it was so empty and the plane was equipped with Southwest's best product. My expectations were met and exceeded. Hope you guys enjoy!

Flight Info:

Airline: Southwest Airlines
Aircraft/Registration: Boeing 737-800 (N8504G)
Seat: 11A
Flight Time: 57 min
Flight #: WN 330
Takeoff: Chicago Midway International Airport
Landing: Nashville International Airport
Filmed: August 2020

Camera(s) Used: Canon Powershot G7X Mark II, iPhone X

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3. The Flagship Detroit DC-3 visits Nashville

Local reporter Carlos Jasso reports on the visit of the Flagship Detroit DC-3 to the Nashville International Airport

4. Delta flight to Nashville diverted

Delta flight to Nashville diverted

5. Flying for the Holidays What to Expect and Tips! Philadelphia to Nashville

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Let's fly during the Thanksgiving holiday in 2021!
This video will help you plan and know what to expect.
This video was filmed flying American Airlines, Philadelphia to Nashville.

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6. New York to Nashville

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7. McGhee Tyson Airport to add new direct flights to three major cities

Air travel in Knoxville is surging back up to pre-pandemic numbers. Almost 2 million people flew through McGhee Tyson last year.

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8. Nashville Flights | 5/10/2022

Took the DJI Mini 2 on a couple of flights in Nashville on a gorgeous day. Still have to learn how to do color-correcting. Aside from the transitions, the video here has not been modified as it was shot on the drone at 1080p 29.97fps.

#drone #nashville #tennesseetitans #titans #nashvilletn #nissanstadium #geodispark #nashvillesoccerclub #nashvillesc #tennessee #dji #djimini2

9. Delta Airlines Flight From Atlanta to Nashville

Thanks for Watching! I hope you enjoy this video on Delta Airlines to Nashville International Airport!

Route: Atlanta International Airport (ATL) - Nashville International Airport (BNA)
Aircraft: McDonnell Douglas MD-88
Airline: Delta Airlines
Flight Time: 43 Minutes

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11. Full Flight: American Airlines A321 Nashville to Charlotte (BNA-CLT)

Hey guys! When I said there'd be a whole slew of AA videos, I meant it :D. In this video, I fly aboard an American Airlines (ex-US Airways) A321 over to Charlotte, North Carolina from Nashville, Tennessee! I thought the flight was OK...nothing special...and if these were normal times then it would've been fine for how quick the flight was. But obviously it's 2020. I've routinely put American near the bottom of my safety list in past videos because I thought they did more than Spirit or Allegiant did, but this flight changed that opinion at least for now. The plane was noticeably dirty around the seats and in the lavatories...and I wasn't the only one who noticed this as well. American also hasn't changed their boarding process, they didn't hand out sanitizing wipes on this flight, it was a very full flight as no seats are blocked, they aren't even handing out snacks/drinks in plastic bags taking advantage of the situation, and on top of all these things I arrive to a jam-packed airport in CLT. If you want to feel safe flying during COVID-19, don't fly American unless you have to. The plane itself wasn't much better as it had AA's older hard product which doesn't have any power outlets, touchscreens, USB ports, etc. The crew was OK and the flight did depart/arrive on time, but in general, not the best flight aboard American Airlines, just mediocre. Hope you guys enjoy!

Flight Info:

Airline: American Airlines
Aircraft/Registration: Airbus A321 (N507AY)
Seat: 24F
Flight Time: 1 hr 6 min
Flight #: AA 2498
Takeoff: Nashville International Airport
Landing: Charlotte Douglas International Airport
Filmed: June 2020

Camera(s) Used: Canon Powershot G7X Mark II

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12. Flying Delta's A220-100 from Boston to Detroit

The Airbus A220. Bombardier's ultimate project bought by Airbus that is now becoming super successful. After a few years of watching these aircraft taxi around airports, takeoff & land in front of my eyes, and having to edit my mom's footage shot on a Swiss A220-100 before me, I finally got my chance to ride on this amazing plane. And it truly is amazing...innovative, new, and exciting. It's small, but it doesn't feel small. I could've flown on it longer, but an almost 2 hour flight was enough to get the gist of what it's about. In this video, after a short but sweet stay in Boston, Massachusetts, I needed to head back to the DMV and instead of taking the train back I flew back through Detroit. Hope you guys enjoy!

Flight Info:

Airline: Delta Air Lines
Aircraft/Registration: Airbus A220-100/Bombardier CS100 (N109DU)
Seat: 24A
Flight Time: 1 hr 59 min
Flight #: DL 1616
Takeoff: Boston Logan International Airport
Landing: Detroit Metro Airport
Filmed: March 28, 2021

Camera(s) Used: Canon Powershot G7X Mark II, GoPro HERO7 Black

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13. An 8-hour-flight to Detroit with no running water -- what we know

There have been a lot of stories of bad travel experiences lately. But this one is among the worst—an 8-hour flight across the Atlantic with no running water.

14. Full Flight: American Airlines A319 Miami to Nashville (MIA-BNA)

Hey guys! After a pretty awful experience on my previous flight aboard American, my expectations were at floor level going forward. So, naturally this flight was much better than the last. In this video, I flew aboard an American A319 equipped with their newest hard product on the aircraft type up to Nashville, Tennessee from Miami, Florida. While the seats aren't as good as some other airlines, they are pretty good for American's standards with adjustable headrests and fairly comfortable padding. There were universal power outlets, IFE touchscreens, USB ports, and headphone jacks at every seat which was nice. The crew, both on the ground and on the plane, were very nice and informative, but I couldn't help but notice that the FAs didn't have much to do besides collecting trash and a few announcements...since American cut their food/beverage service on flights under 2 hours. This I think is pretty unnecessary on their part, especially because basically all other airlines are doing it. Just shows how cheap American is. And when it comes to COVID-19, American is absolutely one of the worst in the country when handling safety precautions, as I say in the video. Really is quite a shame the direction the world's largest airline is going in. Besides these things, the flight departed & arrived on time and the scenery was just awesome. This flight alone I can look past all the negatives because of the gorgeous sunset, but American still is one of my least favorite airlines. Hope you guys enjoy!

Flight Info:

Airline: American Airlines
Aircraft/Registration: Airbus A319 (N9006)
Seat: 15A
Flight Time: 1 hr 53 min
Flight #: AA 2833
Takeoff: Miami International Airport
Landing: Nashville International Airport
Filmed: June 2020

Camera(s) Used: Canon Powershot G7X Mark II

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Everything in this video is protected by YouTube COPYRIGHT.
Do NOT use unless granted permission.
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15. 10+ HOURS on this FIRST CLASS Bus from DC to Nashville 🇺🇸

Watch this video to see what a First Class Sleeper Bus in the United States looks like.

I took The Napaway motorcoach from Washington, DC to Nashville, Tennessee! It claims to be an the future of medium-haul travel that combines the convenience of traveling to and from city centers with the comfort of business class air travel. But, does it live up to the hype of a First Class Sleeper Bus?

Watch this video and you’ll see what it’s like to board, ride, and arrive in style on a First Class Sleeper Bus with the Napaway, a motorcoach a step above the rest.

On this First Class Bus trip from Washington, DC to New York City, you’ll see the butterfly seats, which effectively allow you to have two seats and a bed, not to mention a workspace as you travel the 670 miles through DC, Virginia, and Tennessee.

From the luxurious seats to the high-speed wi-fi, bathroom, and cutting-edge seats, all of this Sleeper Bus experience can be yours for as little as $125.

The Napaway currently offers a First Class Sleeper Bus experience from Washington to Nashville, and also makes the return Sleeper Bus trip from Nashville to Washington with plans to expand.

Check out the Napaway’s website:

0:00 Introduction
1:01 Sleeper Bus Arrival
3:40 Sleeper Bus Departure
6:23 Sleeper Bus JebScore

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