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Flights From Newark To Tampa

1. United Airlines | Economy | Boeing 737-800 | Newark - Tampa

Zum Abschluss von Alex' Hinflug in die USA im April des vergangenen Jahres geht es in der Economy Class von United Airlines in einer Boeing 737-800 vom regnerischen Newark ins sonnige Tampa. Warum er dabei nicht nochmal die Economy Class von United Airlines wählen würde, erfahrt Ihr in diesem Video.

At the end of Alex's outbound flight to the USA in April last year, he travels in United Airlines Economy Class on a Boeing 737-800 from rainy Newark to sunny Tampa. In this video, you can find out why he wouldn't choose United Airlines Economy Class again.


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Airline: United Airlines
Flight: UA1032, Newark EWR - Tampa TPA
Aircraft: Boeing 737-800
Scheduled: 4.04pm - 6.57pm
Seat: 36E/36F
Flight time: 2hrs.
Date: April 2022

2. Newark to Tampa - Nighttime Takeoff

UA 1783 - EWR to TPA

3. Newark Has a New Terminal! | Flying with JetBlue to West Palm Beach & Exploring EWR's NEW Terminal A

Airline: JetBlue
Plane: A320
Seat: 24A
Flight # 443

A few months ago the new terminal A at Newark Liberty International Airport opened and it has a lot of people talking. EWR has been in desperate need of an updated Terminal A for years now and finally New Jersey's largest airport has a state of the art facility to be proud of! Luckily, JetBlue operates out of the new terminal, so I had the chance to explore it a few weeks ago before my flight to West Palm Beach (PBI).

4. United Airlines cutting flights at Newark Airport

Citing air traffic congestion, the airline says it will cut 12% of its daily domestic flights from its busy Newark hub.

5. Infinite flight stream! JetBlue a320 Newark to Tampa

Back streaming again! Today we will be doing a Flight from Newark to Tampa

6. Sunset Flight From Tampa International Airport, Tampa, FL to LaGuardia Airport, Queens, NY

At a distance of 1,011 miles (1,627 km), 2 hours and 47 minutes is the average flight time from Tampa to New York City.

In total there are 3 airlines operating nonstop flights from Tampa TPA to New York City LGA.

Airlines flying from Tampa to New York City
Jet Blue
Southwest Airlines

7. TRIP REPORT | United Airlines - 737 900 - Newark (EWR) to Orlando (MCO)| Economy

Music Used: Better Days - Admo

Another United Trip Report?? Shocker!

Anyway, this was the second major trip from this past summer. I headed back to Orlando, Florida for a few days of relaxation in the hot sun. Hope you all enjoy. After the return flight video coming soon (Also on United), I'm planning on the next airline trip-report being another international flight, but not to London again. But more information will come regarding that in the coming months. Check my Instagram for updates.

- - - - - -
Airline: United Airlines
Aircraft: Boeing 737-900
Seat: 10A (Economy)
Origin Airport: Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR)
Destination Airport: Orlando International Airport (MCO)
Flight Time: 2 hours, 5 minutes
Date of Travel: August 11th, 2023

8. Tampa to Newark (EWR) flight: Del-Memorial Bridge, Philadelphia, Trenton, Sandy Hook 2015-02-27

A crystal clear approach along the Delaware River, with view of Philadelphia, Trenton, the Sandy Hook shoreline of New Jersey, the Outerbridge Crossing to Staten Island, and a glimpse of Manhattan on descent to 4R at Newark International Airport.

2:50 Takeoff run begins on TPA 1R
3:52 Crossing W. Hillsborough Avenue
4:10 Crossing W. Sligh Avenue
4:27 Crossing W. Waters Avenue
7:47 6020 W Norvell Bryant Hwy, Crystal River, FL 34429, USA
12:35-12:45 Delaware Memorial Bridge DE/NJ
12:45-12:50 Pennsville NJ
13:00-13:15 Penns Grove NJ
13:45-14:30 Delaware River shoreline NJ
14:40-15:10 Philadelphia International Airport (PHL)
15:15-15:20 Philadelphia Navy Yard
15:30-15:37 Walt Whitman Bridge (Philadelphia PA - Gloucester City NJ)
15:38-16:15 Philadelphia PA
16:15-16:40 Benjamin Franklin Bridge (Philadelphia PA - Camden NJ)
17:15-17:25 Northeast Philadelphia Airport (PNE)
18:50-18:55 Interstate 95 crossing Delaware River at Trenton NJ
19:15-19:20 Trenton Mercer Airport (TTN)
19:50-20:05 Trenton Robbinsville Airport (N87)
20:35-20:40 New Jersey Turnpike NJ
21:10-21:20 Toward Sandy Hook NJ
21:45-22:20 Outer Bridge Crossing NJ-NY
22:00-24:20 Staten Island on final approach to EWR 4R
24:30-24:40 Manhattan skyline on final approach to EWR 4R
24:50- 25;15 Elizabeth NJ
25:45 Touchdown on EWR 4R

This flights as tracked by Flight Aware:

Boeing 737-800 (twin-jet)

9. My First Flight with JetBlue! | EWR - MCO | A321 Economy

Airline: JetBlue
Plane: A321
Flight # 1527
Seat: 32F

Full takeoff/landing footage coming to my second channel: NYC Flyer Plus

I'm embarrassed to admit this, but I'm from New York and it's taken me 21 years to finally try JetBlue for the first time. Watch this video to see my first impressions of flying on New York's most famous airline! This was a relatively short flight from Newark (EWR) to Orlando (MCO) aboard their A321 in Economy.


10. 7 HOUR Domestic Flight Across America - Newark to Anchorage

The second leg on my journey to the top of the United States was aboard a United Airlines B757-200 from Newark, New Jersey all the way up to Anchorage, Alaska on an over 7 hour domestic flight across North America. It was certainly one of the longest flights I've taken, not going international and well, it was a little disappointing to say the least...especially in the food department. I'd like to think I'm not the only one to wonder why there wasn't any substantial service offered either complimentary or buy onboard. The seats aren't the greatest themselves either with a noticeably older interior standing out. That coupled with the fact every single seat was taken certainly provided for some major leg stiffness after awhile, but overall...I think it definitely could've been a lot worse and flying the 757 that long again was a treat. So, not bad, not good. Hope you guys enjoy!

Flight Info:

Airline: United Airlines
Aircraft/Registration: Boeing 757-200 (N19136)
Seat: 39A
Flight Time: 7 hr 1 min
Flight #: UA 1820
Takeoff: Newark Liberty International Airport
Landing: Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport
Filmed: June 7, 2021

Camera(s) Used: Canon Powershot G7X Mark II, iPhone X, GoPro HERO7 Black

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11. Newark (EWR) ~ West Palm Beach (PBI) - United Airlines - Boeing 737-800 - Full Flight

Flight Details:
Date: Tuesday 30th October 2022
Airline: United Airlines
Flight Number: UA263
Registration: N27213
Aircraft: Boeing 737-800
Origin: Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR)
Destination: West Palm Beach International Airport (PBI)
Scheduled Departure Time: 7:40pm.
Actual Departure Time: 7:45pm
Scheduled Arrival Time: 10:00pm
Actual Arrival Time: 9:36pm
Camera: iPhone 11
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Instagram: @skyeye787
Twitter: @DatyeAtharvXWB

12. Newark to Tampa - Nighttime Landing

UA 1783 - Newark to Tampa

13. United Airlines | First Class | B737 MAX 8 | Tampa - Newark

Im Frühjahr ging es für Alex mal wieder in die USA. Auf dem Rückflug ging es zunächst mit United Airlines in der Boeing 737 MAX 8 von Tampa nach Newark. Wie das durchaus neue Bordprodukt sich auf diesem Flug schlägt, könnt ihr im aktuellen Video sehen.

In spring, Alex returned to the U.S. again. On his way back, he flew United Airlines in their Boeing 737 MAX 8 from Tampa to Newark. See in this video how the relatively new hard product can compeed.


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Airline: United Airlines
Flight: UA2346, Tampa TPA - Newark EWR
Aircraft: Boeing 737 MAX 8
Scheduled: 1.02pm - 3.51pm
Seat: 4C
Flight time: 2.5hrs
Date: April 2022

14. Long lines already this morning at Newark Airport

Major disruptions continue at airport across the Tri-State Area. CBS2's John Dias spoke with travelers at Newark Liberty International Airport, where crowds and long lines were already growing early Tuesday morning.

15. United Airlines cutting flights at Newark Airport to avoid future meltdowns

United Airlines is reducing daily flights at Newark Liberty International Airport by 10% and making plane schedule changes after the July 4 travel meltdown.

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