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Flights From Las Vegas To Reno

1. Southwest Airlines Flight from Las Vegas to Reno

Southwest Airlines flight #4780 with service from Las Vegas to Reno. Quick 24 hour trip to Northern Nevada and then back home. The aircraft is a Boeing 737-800 and this is on April 13, 2023.

2. Flight from Reno to Las Vegas 4K

D. B. Cooper is a media epithet for an unidentified man who hijacked Northwest Orient Airlines Flight 305, a Boeing 727 aircraft, in United States airspace on November 24, 1971. During the flight from Portland, Oregon, to Seattle, Washington, the hijacker told a flight attendant he was armed with a bomb, demanded $200,000 in ransom (equivalent to $1,300,000 in 2021), and requested four parachutes upon landing in Seattle. After releasing the passengers in Seattle, the hijacker instructed the flight crew to refuel the aircraft and begin a second flight to Mexico City, with a refueling stop in Reno, Nevada. About 30 minutes after taking off from Seattle, the hijacker opened the aircraft's aft door, deployed the staircase, and parachuted into the night over southwestern Washington. The hijacker has never been found or conclusively identified. In 1980, a small portion of the ransom money was found along the banks of the Columbia River. The discovery of the money renewed public interest in the mystery, but yielded no additional information about the hijacker's identity or fate, and the remaining money was never recovered. The hijacker identified himself as Dan Cooper, but when his name was mixed up with that of an early suspect, he became known as "D. B. Cooper".

For 45 years after the hijacking, the Federal Bureau of Investigation maintained an active investigation and built an extensive case file, but ultimately did not reach any definitive conclusions. The crime remains the only unsolved case of air piracy in the history of commercial aviation. The FBI speculates Cooper did not survive his jump, for several reasons: the inclement weather on the night of the hijacking, Cooper's lack of proper skydiving equipment, the heavily wooded area he jumped into, his apparent lack of detailed knowledge of his landing area, and the disappearance of the remaining ransom money, suggesting it was never spent. In July 2016, the FBI officially suspended active investigation of the NORJAK (Northwest hijacking) case, although reporters, enthusiasts, professional investigators, and amateur sleuths continue to pursue numerous theories for Cooper's identity, success, and fate.

Cooper's hijacking—and several imitators in the following year—led rapidly to major changes for commercial aviation and stricter airport security measures. Metal detectors were installed, baggage inspection became mandatory, and passengers who paid cash for tickets on the day of departure were selected for additional scrutiny. Boeing 727s were retrofitted with "Cooper vanes", specifically designed to prevent the aft staircase from being lowered in-flight. By 1973, aircraft hijacking incidents had decreased, as the new security measures successfully dissuaded would-be hijackers whose only motive was money.

3. Reno NV to Las Vegas NV | MFS2020 Full Flight

Simple flight from Reno to Las Vegas, great sunset flight. The landing was awful, good thing our flight was empty and just us drunk pilots.

Controllers: ThrustMaster with Xbox Controller
System: XBOX Series S

About the Aircraft (Wiki):
The Airbus A320neo family is a development of the A320 family of narrow-body airliners produced by Airbus. The A320neo family (neo for "new engine option") is based on the previous A319, A320 and A321 (enhanced variant), which was renamed A320ceo, for "current engine option". Re-engined with CFM LEAP-1A or Pratt & Whitney PW1000G engines and fitted with sharklets as standard, it is 15% to 20% more fuel efficient than the A320ceo (Enhanced) family. It was launched on 1 December 2010, made its first flight on 25 September 2014 and was introduced by Lufthansa on 25 January 2016. By 2019, the A320neo had a 60% market share against the competing Boeing 737 MAX. As of May 2022, a total of 8,086 A320neo family aircraft had been ordered by more than 130 customers, of which 2,259 aircraft had been delivered. The global A320neo fleet had completed more than 5.51 million flights over 11 million block hours without accidents.

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5. Let’s go to Reno!

Come along on another travel day. Today we take spirit airlines for a ride to the Nevada desert. With a layover in Las Vegas and Taking in some great views along the way the was a very long drawn out day that reminds me why I typically only take direct flights!


6. {HD} [FULL FLIGHT] Los Angeles (LAX) - Las Vegas (LAS) — United Airlines — Boeing 737 MAX 9 — N37527

→ Join me on one of the west coasts' most competitive routes — with fares being sold for as little as $39 on the legacy carriers ($19 for ULCC's) — Los Angeles to Las Vegas! This flight was being operated by one of United's newest additions to their fleet — this 737 MAX 9 — this one in particular being only 2 years old. We begin at LAX's gate 72B and push back, getting towed almost to the taxiway. Once we get disconnected from the ground equipment and gain our own power, we taxi onto the active taxiway, but then get hit with a flow time into Vegas. So, we hang 2 left turns onto a parallel taxiway and wait it out. Thankfully, it was not a long wait. Before long, we get clearance to take flight from runway 25R, of which we gracefully depart skyward. We soar over the coastline, then join the ORCKA5 departure out of LAX, which includes a long, long left hand turn out over the ocean, then back over top of LAX, then an on-course heading. It's kinda like a circle to land approach, but its a circle after takeoff. Once on course for Las Vegas, a short 40 minute flight followed, and before long, we were on final to LAS's runway 26L, where our pilots pulled a greaser of a landing, then quickly exiting and taxiing to gate D55, where this full flight comes to an end. I hope you enjoy this quick flight between Los Angeles and Las Vegas as much as I did, and, as always, all the flight information you could ever desire can be found below!

→ Flight info:

Airline: United Airlines
Flight Number: 2216
Aircraft Type: Boeing 737 MAX 9
Registration Number: N37527
Livery: Evo-Blue
Seat: 26A
Flight date: February 23, 2022
Passenger Count: 105/179
Departure Airport: Los Angeles International Airport, Los Angeles, California
Arrival Airport: Harry Reid International Airport, Las Vegas, Nevada
Departure Gate: 72B
Arrival Gate: D55
Departure Time: 8:18AM PST (Schd. 8:23AM PST) (5 minutes EARLY)
Arrival Time: 9:28AM PST (Schd. 9:43AM PST) (15 minutes EARLY)
Departure Runway: 25R
Arrival Runway: 26L
Flight Duration: (Including Taxi) 1 hour 10 minutes

Link to Flight Route:

Route of Flight:

Plane route info:
This plane started its day in Maui by red-eyeing to Los Angeles. After flying between Los Angeles and Las Vegas (my flight), it would return to Los Angeles, fly a Denver turn, then once more up to San Francisco, where it would remain over night.


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7. Southwest Airlines Flight from Reno to Las Vegas

Southwest Airlines flight #2792 with service from Reno to Las Vegas. Taken on April 14, 2023 and the aircraft was a Boeing 737-700. This is one of their older aircraft and I could definitely tell because at times when the pilots put the brakes on while taxiing to our gate in Las Vegas, the aircraft shook. I'll try to get more flights for you guys here in the near future. I may be flying to El Paso in August for a cousin's wedding so I'll do the flights there. Thought about different kinds of videos as I have been thinking about becoming a little more creative with what I post. Stay tuned and I appreciate the support and subscribers so far!

8. Landing a Plane in Reno, Nevada

9. (4K) Trip Report - Reno to Las Vegas - Southwest 1971

My trip report on leg one from Reno...featuring a flyby of Lake Tahoe and rain in Las Vegas!

April 8, 2016

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10. A few flights from Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and Reno Lake Tahoe

11. Southwest 737 encounters some turbulence on final approach into Las Vegas

One passenger reportedly said this was the worst landing she had ever experienced. It did look like a bit of a roller coaster ride. Judge for yourself.

Captured at Harry Reid International Airport on August 18, 2022.

NOTE: "Some turbulence on approach" (not at landing) accurately describes this video. The picture shows where the turbulence occurred. If you want something more dramatic, watch this video instead:

12. SOUTHWEST AIRLINES: Reno-Tahoe to Las Vegas

Hello again and welcome to my 3rd flight vlog! On December 12th 2017 I had to catch a flight out of JFK by 5:00pm. Since I live on the west coast, I found a flight out of Las Vegas that would get me there in time. Now I just had to get to Vegas for a 7:40am flight to NY. That’s when I found this 5:20am flight on Southwest out of Reno. Only an hour to drive to the airport.

I’ll have more videos after a trip to New York City next week including my first hotel vlog! Until then, enjoy.

Southwest Airlines
Flight 1790
December 12th 2017

13. Southwest Airlines Las Vegas, NV to Reno, NV 2014

Looking out the window with the left wing in view I take in the beauty and capture it for you to do as well. This was a short flight from Las Vegas to Reno, NV in 2014.

14. Trip to Reno - Houston to Las Vegas to Reno Nevada on Southwest Airlines

Night time shots of my continuation flights from Jackson MS to Las Vegas. Camera light sensitivity was surprisingly good. To the human eye, it was almost dark yet the videos of the plane push backs looks a lot lighter then what it really was.

15. Distancing Las Vegas to Reno flight you can choose the seat