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Flights From Fargo To Denver

1. Take off from Fargo to Denver 19th January 2023.

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2. #107: ANOTHER COMFORTABLE CRJ-200! | SkyWest/United Express | UA5244 Fargo to Denver | Trip Report

Here we go, on with the Spring 2019 trip report series just in time for Sumer 2020 - whoops!

March 6th 2019: Onboard N973SW, a 14.9 years CRJ-200ER of SkyWest Airlines operating flight UA5244 for United Express from Fargo's Hector International Airport (North Dakota) to Denver International Airport (Colorado). Denver being a United hub, there are about 4 flights operated on regional jet's across various airlines depending on the time of year.

I was on my way to San Francisco, before heading back home to India. This was a flight departing at 1115 hours in the morning reaching at 1230 hours (all times local), while a 3hr15min layover would follow in Denver. This would also be first time in Denver International Airport.

This flight went by fine, to be honest. Barring the scratched windows (which is unfortunately a norm on several CRJ-200s), the flight went by just fine. It came in from Chicago a few minutes late but a long enough turnaround time in Fargo meant we were on our way quite a while before departure time. The emergency exit seats on the CRJ-200s have that little extra legroom which helped on the otherwise cramped regional jet.

Also my first time disembarking through on to the ramp in the USA! :D

The introduction video is of a UND Piper Seminole take off out of Grand Forks International Airport. No, I did not fly GFK-FAR before this trip, although that would have been super cool!!

3. Fargo

4. [Trip Report] United Crj 200 | Grand Junction to Denver | Economy

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Please watch: "*BRAND NEW* gemini jets update subscriber route airport - 1 400 scale airport update - 2020"

5. Trans State Airlines (United Express) | Embraer E145XR | Pushback & Start Up | UA4648 Fargo - Denver

Onboard N11119, a 17.1 years old Embraer E145XR operated by Trans State Airlines for United Express. This is flight UA4648 from Fargo Hector International Airport to Denver International Airport. This would be one of 5 flights on the route back in December 2019.

I sat towards the very front of the airplane so it was slightly tricky to hear the engines powered up. Regardless, we departed about 10 minutes prior to schedule so a good start!

Unfortunately, Trans State Airlines have ceased to operate as an airline since. Unfortunate because I quite like the E145 (perhaps better than the CRJ-200, albeit marginally) operated for United Express.

6. SUNSET TAKE OFF | Trans State Airlines | Embraer E145XR | Take off from Fargo | UA4648 FAR - DEN

Onboard N11119, a 17.1 years old Embraer E145XR operated by Trans State Airlines for United Express. This is flight UA4648 from Fargo Hector International Airport to Denver International Airport. This would be one of 5 flights on the route back in December 2019.

Flight UA4648 departs a few minutes after sunset out of Fargo Hector International Airport bound for Denver International Airport. A pretty sight that’s for sure!

7. Departure from Fargo - CRJ-200LR

Airport: Hector International Airport
Airline: United Express via Skywest
Aircraft: N910SW - CRJ200LR - 21 Years Old
Runway: 36
Date: 12/14/2022

8. United Airlines flight 328 from Denver to HNL diverts due to smoke and flames coming from the right

The FAA confirms that United United Flight 328 that was flying from Denver to Daniel K. Inouye International Airport in Honolulu right-engine failure shortly after takeoff.

9. Frontier to offer subscription flight service

Frontier Airlines is offering an unlimited flight subscription service, but it's got a catch. Talya Cunningham reports.

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10. Travel at Denver International Airport (DIA) Like a Pro | Denver Airport Tour

Denver's airport (DIA) is one of the largest and busiest airports on the planet, and many people find it to be one of the most confusing airports in the United States. You can get to the Denver airport from Downtown Denver by train using the RTD light rail. It's also one of many airports that has a train inside. And sometimes, you just want a tour of the airport before you get there.

While most people know Denver International Airport for its many conspiracy theories about lizard people, the Illuminati, and underground bunkers, there are also some helpful tips that can help you navigate this airport that has become one of the major airport travel hubs in the United States.

Check DIA security wait times:
DIA parking lot statuses:

In this video, you'll get Denver travel tips and a Denver airport tour from a local on how to navigate DIA and get around Denver's huge, multilevel airport so that you can enjoy your time in Denver and get home without missing your flight. If you're traveling to Denver, here are more videos that can help you plan your trip:

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11. Google flight hack for cheaper flights

12. #117: SHORT FLIGHT - Delta Air Lines Airbus A319 | Fargo to Minneapolis DL2896 | Flight Trip Report

Monday - November 25th 2019, 6pm: Delta Air Lines send me a text saying a winter storm will more than likely interfere with our Thanksgiving travel to Indianapolis on Wednesday November 27th 2019. Free changes were being offered for

Monday - November 25th 2019, 10pm: a long conversation with my partner later, we decided to take up the offer of free the free change and leave 24 hours earlier (Tuesday November 26th 2019).

Tuesday - November 26th 2019, 1am: we are on our way down to Fargo to start our trip, an extra day of a holiday!

Wednesday - November 26th 2019: our original Fargo - Minneapolis is delayed by 7 hours! There was no way we would have made our connecting flight!

This was our story of Thanksgiving 2019: all about flying away from storms, and thankfully being on the good end of it all. Our original itinerary meant we would have flown on 2 A319s (FAR-MSP-IND) with a 39 minute layover, more often than not the exact same plane. However, due to the change in plans and traveling a day earlier, this was not to be.

Due to the short duration of the flight and window view being ruined thanks to de-icing there won't be a startup/take off & landing video.

A quick 4 flight series featuring 3 flights on Delta Air Lines, and one on SkyWest Airlines dba Delta Connection. We took this trip back in November 2019, a quick Thanksgiving trip over to Indianapolis (Indiana) to where my cousins live.

The first flight takes us from Fargo Hector International Airport to Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport onboard an Airbus A319-100. 3.5 hour layover afterwards and we'd be onwards to Indianapolis.

In this video -
Introduction 00:00
Planespotting 00:25
Boarding 01:46
Departure, De-icing & take off 03:40
Inflight 06:18
Descent & arrival 07:00

13. TRIP REPORT | United Express - CRJ 200 - Moab (CNY) to Denver (DEN) | Economy

welcome to another trip report today we are onboard a United Express Crj200 (in Uniteds New Livery). The flight today is from Moab to Denver airport. The flight duration onboard the United crj200 was an hour and 20 minutes. There was no inflight service on todays flight, or inflight entertainment. It was a very smooth flight and I enjoyed it. There are many more trip reports to come and many more united trip reports to come! See you in the next video!

Title of video: TRIP REPORT | United Express - CRJ 200 - Moab (CNY) to Denver (DEN) | Economy
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14. [FULL FLIGHT] Denver (DEN) — Moab (CNY) — United Express — CRJ-200 — N962SW — Gate to Gate

→ Join me on this flight through wintery Hell as we fly on an Essential Air Service (EAS) route on a CRJ-200 with only 3 passengers on board! We begin our flight on the Denver ramp at gate B82 and push back into a busy alleyway between concourse A and B. We quickly power up and taxi to runway 25 for departure on this very windy morning. With super gusty winds out of the west, we depart into direct headwinds, nonetheless, making the departure quite bumpy. Before long, we get a great view of the wintery Hell before us. We climb quickly to 26,000 feet, reaching it not more than 9 minutes into the flight, in an apparent attempt to climb over the weather. However, soon, we'd find out that 26,000 feet wasn't high enough. We slam into the massive winter storm and ride it out with tons and tons of turbulence all the while, turning the airplane wings into bird wings 'cuz they go 'flap, flap'! In yet another attempt to provide the 3 passengers with a smooth-ish ride, we ascend another 2,000 feet to 28,000 feet, making the ride significantly smoother. As we exit the storm, the skies clear and we start our descent into Moab. The Moab area is unique because of all the awesome rock formations, as you'll get to see on the approach into Moab. We make a visual approach to Moab's runway 21 and land with a classic CRJ 'bump' in fairly gusty conditions. We taxi to the ramp and power down. As always, important time stamps and flight info will be found below. Thanks for watching and I hope you enjoy it!


Pre-Flight V/O: 0:27
Pushback: 3:47
Taxi Out: 6:54
Takeoff: 13:05
En-route: 14:07 — 1:01:15
T.O.C: 28:20 @ 28,000ft.
En route Weather: 34:25
T.O.D: 40:56 @ 28,000ft.
Arrival Airport Weather: 41:18
Approach: 55:48
GEAR DOWN: 57:52
Landing: 1:01:05
Taxi In: 1:02:07
Parking Brake Set: 1:06:16

→ Flight info:

Airline: Skywest Airlines dba. United Express
Flight Number: 5197
Aircraft Type: Mitsubishi CRJ-200ER
Registration Number: N962SW
Seat: 13A
Flight date: November 14, 2020
Departure Airport: Denver International Airport, Denver, Colorado
Arrival Airport: Canyonlands Regional Field, Grand County, Utah
Departure Gate: B82
Arrival Gate: 1
Departure Time: 7:47AM MST (Schd. 7:50AM MST) (3 minutes EARLY)
Arrival Time: 8:56AM MST (Schd. 9:02AM MST) (6 minutes EARLY)
Departure Runway: 25
Arrival Runway: 21
Flight Duration: (Including Taxi) 1 hour 9 minutes

Link to Flight Route:

Route of Flight:

Plane route info:
This plane started its day in Colorado Springs after overnighting there following a flight from Chicago O'Hare. After flying between Denver and Moab (my flight), it would return to Denver then fly a Hayden/Steamboat Springs turn, then one more flight to Fargo, where it would overnight.


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15. Fargo, ND airport view from the airplane ✈️