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Flights From Fargo To Chicago

1. #87: COMFORTABLE CRJ-200! | United Express/Air Wisconsin| Chicago to Fargo | FLIGHT REPORT!

Hey all, and welcome to the 87th video trip report that I have uploaded! Join me and my girlfriend on N471ZW, a CRJ-200ER operating for Air Wisconsin for United Express. And this was a surprisingly flight! Check out some more videos here -

Start Up video:
Take Off video:
Landing video:
UA4082 Fargo to Chicago:

2. #63: AMERICAN EAGLE AA3790 | ERJ-145 | Chicago (ORD) to Fargo (FAR) | FLIGHT TRIP REPORT & REVIEW

The final flight from my winter 2016/17 series! Join me on this quick flight from Chicago's O'Hare International Airport to Fargo's Hector International Airport.

3. #106: SkyWest Airlines (American Eagle) | CRJ-700ER | Chicago O'Hare to Fargo | Trip Report & Review

So here we are then, the final trip report from the Summer 2018 series! I know it's been a while, and I will try my best to improve on it.

Anyway, my final flight of Summer 2018 took me from Chicago O'Hare International Airport over to Fargo's Hector International Airport in North Dakota. This was my first flight on a CRJ-700ER, and barring just being a longer fuselage to help carry more passengers it felt quite similar to the CRJ-200, unfortunately.

A pretty OK flight on SkyWest, no issues. Barring a bit of a delay due to lightening closing down the ramp I got back to Fargo just fine after an awesome trip back home, and the extension so Cambodia.

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5. #107: ANOTHER COMFORTABLE CRJ-200! | SkyWest/United Express | UA5244 Fargo to Denver | Trip Report

Here we go, on with the Spring 2019 trip report series just in time for Sumer 2020 - whoops!

March 6th 2019: Onboard N973SW, a 14.9 years CRJ-200ER of SkyWest Airlines operating flight UA5244 for United Express from Fargo's Hector International Airport (North Dakota) to Denver International Airport (Colorado). Denver being a United hub, there are about 4 flights operated on regional jet's across various airlines depending on the time of year.

I was on my way to San Francisco, before heading back home to India. This was a flight departing at 1115 hours in the morning reaching at 1230 hours (all times local), while a 3hr15min layover would follow in Denver. This would also be first time in Denver International Airport.

This flight went by fine, to be honest. Barring the scratched windows (which is unfortunately a norm on several CRJ-200s), the flight went by just fine. It came in from Chicago a few minutes late but a long enough turnaround time in Fargo meant we were on our way quite a while before departure time. The emergency exit seats on the CRJ-200s have that little extra legroom which helped on the otherwise cramped regional jet.

Also my first time disembarking through on to the ramp in the USA! :D

The introduction video is of a UND Piper Seminole take off out of Grand Forks International Airport. No, I did not fly GFK-FAR before this trip, although that would have been super cool!!

6. Find your reason to fly Fargo (Tan)

Reason number fifteen to fly Fargo: The only thing you’ll be working on is your tan. With flights a few minutes from your front door, you’ll have more time to catch some rays…and THEN earn that raise.

Hector International Airport. Find your reason to fly Fargo.

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7. Do the Math to Fly Fargo Series: 2 of 3 | Fargo Airport | If you want to walk far, book a flight some place else. But if you want to fly far, book with Hector International Airport.

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8. Unlimited Flights Around The World | How 'Non-Rev' Travel Works

Become a pilot today: ... One of the best parts of being an airline employee is the chance to travel around the world nearly cost-free. I've flown hundreds of times using these perks, touching every continent, sometimes in first or business class! Non-revenue travel (called nonrevving) is something nearly all airline employees share, so you don't have to be flight crew like me to enjoy it. It's often called flying space-available or "SA," because space has to be available on the plane for you to get a seat. Non-rev travel has made the world a lot smaller, putting otherwise unaffordable trips within reach.

This video was filmed with approval from United Airlines.

Your Path to United:
United Airlines Pilot Application:
United Aviate Academy:
Pilot Career Tracks:

Thanks for watching!

Swayne Martin


I couldn't make this production possible without some amazing videographers, including B-Roll from:


Video Chapters:
0:00 What Is Non-Rev Travel?
0:51 Business Class To Switzerland: $92!
1:24 Types of Non-Rev Travel
1:35 My Travel Map
2:15 Flying Standby On Your Airline
3:19 The Challenges Of Flying Standby
4:01 Seniority vs. Check-In Time
4:23 Categories Of Non-Rev Travelers
4:56 Travel Example: Chicago to Brazil
5:46 ZED Fares - Travel On Other Airlines
6:11 ZED Example: Chicago to Warsaw (LOT Polish)
6:34 Jumpseating For Flight Crew
7:04 Standby Travel Taxes + Fees
7:46 Travel The World!

9. FAR Fargo Hector International Airport Planespotting Fargo North Dakota

Had the opportunity to go to cooler weather from swealtering hot Texas and I jumped on it!!! Make sure to subscribe and like. Enjoy one the US smaller airports. The campus of North Dakota State is right in the background.

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KATL Atlanta Hartsfield Int'l:
KAUS Austin Bergstrom Int'l:
KBFM Mobile Downtown Airport:
KBNA Nashville Int'l:
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KBUR Burbank Bob Hope:
KCID Eastern Iowa:
KCLT Charlotte Douglas Int'l:
KDAL Dallas Love Field:
KDCA Washington D.C. Reagan:
KDFW Dallas Ft. Worth Int'l:
KFAR Fargo Hector Int'l:
KGSO Piedmont Triad Int'l:
KICT Wichita Eisenhower:
KIAD Washington D.C. Dulles International:
KIAH Houston Bush Intercontinental:
KJAC Jackson Hole:
KJFK New York JFK Int'l:
KLAS Las Vegas Reid Int'l:
KLAX Los Angeles Int'l:
KLGA New York LaGuardia:
KLGB Long Beach Daugherty Field:
KMCO Orlando Int'l:
KMSP Minneapolis St. Paul Int'l:
KOKC Will Rogers World:
KOMA Omaha Eppley:
KORD Chicago O'Hare Int'l:
KPAE Everett Paine Field:
KPHX Phoenix Sky Harbor Int'l:
KPVD T.F. Green Int'l:
KRDU Raleigh Durham Int'l:
KSAN San Diego Lindbergh Int'l:
KSFO San Francisco Int'l:
KSJC San Jose Mineta Int'l:
KSLC Salt Lake Int'l:
KSMF Sacramento Int'l:
KSNA John Wayne Orange County:
KSTL St. Louis Lambert Int'l:
KTUL Tulsa Int'l:
KXNA Northwest Arkansas Regional:

10. Fargo

11. #117: SHORT FLIGHT - Delta Air Lines Airbus A319 | Fargo to Minneapolis DL2896 | Flight Trip Report

Monday - November 25th 2019, 6pm: Delta Air Lines send me a text saying a winter storm will more than likely interfere with our Thanksgiving travel to Indianapolis on Wednesday November 27th 2019. Free changes were being offered for

Monday - November 25th 2019, 10pm: a long conversation with my partner later, we decided to take up the offer of free the free change and leave 24 hours earlier (Tuesday November 26th 2019).

Tuesday - November 26th 2019, 1am: we are on our way down to Fargo to start our trip, an extra day of a holiday!

Wednesday - November 26th 2019: our original Fargo - Minneapolis is delayed by 7 hours! There was no way we would have made our connecting flight!

This was our story of Thanksgiving 2019: all about flying away from storms, and thankfully being on the good end of it all. Our original itinerary meant we would have flown on 2 A319s (FAR-MSP-IND) with a 39 minute layover, more often than not the exact same plane. However, due to the change in plans and traveling a day earlier, this was not to be.

Due to the short duration of the flight and window view being ruined thanks to de-icing there won't be a startup/take off & landing video.

A quick 4 flight series featuring 3 flights on Delta Air Lines, and one on SkyWest Airlines dba Delta Connection. We took this trip back in November 2019, a quick Thanksgiving trip over to Indianapolis (Indiana) to where my cousins live.

The first flight takes us from Fargo Hector International Airport to Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport onboard an Airbus A319-100. 3.5 hour layover afterwards and we'd be onwards to Indianapolis.

In this video -
Introduction 00:00
Planespotting 00:25
Boarding 01:46
Departure, De-icing & take off 03:40
Inflight 06:18
Descent & arrival 07:00

12. Take Off From (FAR) Fargo Hector International Airport - United Express (Airlines) - E170 -

Operated By Republic Airways
Cold Rocket Blast Style Takeoff From Fargo North Dakota!
Instagram: sky.highaviation
Enjoy The Video!
Check Out The Full Flight Of This Takeoff Here:

13. TRIP REPORT | United Express - CRJ 200 - White Plains (HPN) to Chicago (ORD) | Economy

Welcome to another trip report!

On November 17, 2018, I flew Air Wisconsin from Westchester County Airport to Chicago O'Hare International Airport. During this trip, I flew on a total of 8 flights. Sadly, this is the only trip report I am able to upload because all of the other footage was destroyed when I dropped my hard drive. :(

I hope you enjoy this trip report!

Airline: Air Wisconsin d.b.a United Express (United Airlines)
Aircraft: Bombardier CRJ-200LR (N413AW)
Seat: 13A (Economy)
Flight Number: UA3809
Route: HPN to ORD
Flight Time: 2 hours, 8 minutes
Ticket Price: $275 (2)
Date of Travel: November 17, 2018


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14. UND Students Fly to Fargo!

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15. Direct flights to Chicago from Bismarck Airport end

Direct flights to Chicago from Bismarck Airport end