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Flight Time From Hawaii To San Francisco

1. TRIP REPORT | Aloha! We're Going to Hawaii! | San Francisco to Honolulu | HAWAIIAN Airbus A330-200

Hawaiian Trip Report flying from San Francisco to Honolulu onboard one of the Hawaiian Airbus A330 on a lovely winter morning.

A comfortable flight from San Francisco to Honolulu (Hawaii) onboard the Hawaiian Airlines Airbus A330-200. This was my first time flying with Hawaiian Airlines and I must say that, in many aspects, they are well ahead of the main US airlines.

We arrived quite early at San Francisco airport. Hawaiian Airlines operates from the International Terminal. At this time of the day, there are absolutely no flights from this terminal. That's the reason why all the check-in and security control was so comfortable. The terminal was completely empty and, of course, there were no queues at all anywhere.

We took off from San Francisco towards the north. After an initial climb over the San Francisco bay, we made a left turn over the city and that allowed us to have some perfect views of the most iconic landmark of San Francisco: the Golden Gate bridge. It was amazing to see it for the first time from the sky. We then continued flying towards the west, to start flying over the Pacific Ocean for the next 5 hours.

After many clouds and a lot of sea water views, we finally spotted Hawaii. We made the approach to the south of the island, so we had some very nice views of the island and the city of Honolulu. The approach over the light blue water was really amazing. We touched down in Honolulu on time.

Let's talk about the onboard service. This is one of the aspects in which Hawaiian is clearly above the main US airlines. The crew first passed with a snack for-purchase service, from which I took a small cheese tray. Then they passed with a complementary warm sandwich and drinks service. It was some kind of Turkey burger with cheese and eggs. It was quite good, to be honest. I really appreciate any warm food on a flight.

All in all, a very nice first experience with Hawaiian Airlines. I wish the other airlines in the US would have the same onboard service and the same motivated crew as Hawaiian. And that's another point that I would like to highlight: the crew was really amazing, engaging with the passengers all time. They really looked like they were enjoying what they were doing. Well done Hawaiian! Looking forward to flying again in one of your planes!

Now it's your turn!
Have you ever flown with Hawaiian? How was the experience? Which model did you fly? Have you ever flown on the Airbus A330? Have you ever been in San Francisco? Maybe in Honolulu? What do you think about the service on a 5h+ flight?
Lots of things to talk about! Read you all in the comments!

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· Airplane: Airbus A330-200
· Flight number: HAL11 - HA11
- Departure: San Francisco (SFO - KSFO)
- Arrival: Honolulu (HNL - KHNL)
· Departure Gate: A11
· Seat: 36J
· Registration: N380HA
· Date of recording: February 2023
· Recorded with SAMSUNG GALAXY S21 Ultra (in UHD 4K).

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00:00 Intro
00:27 San Francisco Airport
01:52 Planespotting in San Francisco
02:29 Boarding the A330
05:50 Taxi in San Francisco
06:40 Takeoff from San Francisco
08:55 The Golden Gate
09:48 The US Pacific Coast
11:12 Onboard Menu Service (pay)
12:06 Onboard Service (included)
12:48 Cabin & WC tour
14:01 Second service (included)
14:46 First Glimpses of Hawaii
16:12 Approaching Honolulu
16:51 Landing in Honolulu
17:54 Taxi in Honolulu
18:28 A380 & B747 in Hawaii
19:25 Disembark at HNL
20:32 Honolulu Airport

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