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Flight Time From Hawaii To New Zealand

1. What it's like to fly from New Zealand to Hawaii right now | Travel Stuff |

The first flight back to Honolulu from NZ since the pandemic was packed, as people traded the Kiwi winter for Hawaiian sun. Read: | Subscribe:

Hawaii is now back on the holiday list for Kiwis as flights resume to Honolulu.

The first Hawaiian Airlines direct flight in 27 months left Auckland late Monday night with a full plane, arriving July 4 local time to mark Independence Day.

The route: Auckland to Honolulu on Hawaiian Airlines.

The plane: Airbus A330. A full flight.

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2. Ultra Long Haul - Air New Zealand B787 New York to Auckland Flight

Air New Zealand has just launched non-stop flights between New York and Auckland, New Zealand. I was invited to fly on the inaugural flight which is currently the fourth longest flight in the world. The flight time was 16 hours 35 minutes. The video documents the whole flight experience from takeoff to landing.

However, the inaugural did suffer a setback with a storm enroute which required additional fuel for safety so some bags were left behind. The current inward-facing Business Class seat on Air New Zealand will be replaced by a new product in 2024. I visited the new Skynest mock-up in Auckland. For the first time ever, economy class passengers are going to have the option of stretching out for some sleep on actual beds during their flight.

There are also some great views of JFK Airport and New York City from the helicopter by ZIP Aviation in this video.

3. Top 10 Longest Flights In The World

The Top 10 longest flights in the world, as of 2018-2020. The new longest flight in the world, both by distance and time in the air, is about 9,534 miles and 19 hours. Can you imagine spending that many hours straight on an airplane? One must be mentally prepared for such day-long flights. The flight times listed in the video, are current as of October 2018, though these tend to vary due to factors like weather, climate conditions, and airport traffic at different times of the year. With all that in mind, here are the 10 longest flights in the world.


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4. Hawaii Holiday #04 | Air New Zealand Flight NZ104 Sydney to Auckland in Premium Economy

#sydney #auckland #premiumeconomy #airnewzealand

10 January 2023

After visiting The Centurion Lounge we made our way to the gate. Once we got their boarding was delayed. Frustrating, because we could have stayed longer in the lounge. Anyway, we boarded and were super impressed with the Premium Economy seating. The seats were wider, they reclined more than economy, and there was way more legroom. After experiencing Premium Economy we don’t want to fly in economy again, but we know we will though some time.

I hope you like my video!

00:00 Intro
00:16 Taxiing
01:48 Take-off
04:09 Meal
04:40 Entertainment
04:55 Landing soon
05:36 Landing
06:50 Taxiing
08:25 Premium Economy seating shown by Sarah
08:42 Outro


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5. 7 rules for haoles (foreigners) in Hawaii

6. The World's LONGEST Flight - QANTAS London to Sydney

An in-depth trip report on-board Qantas Project Sunrise London to Sydney non-stop research flight QF7879. Check out all the unusual flight details, research, well brings and the secret of double sunrise on the World’s Longest non-stop flight.

The flight is not a typical passenger flight; it is a delivery flight and a research flight. The brand new Boeing 787-9, VH-ZNJ painted in Qantas special Centenary livery operated this history making flight in just 19 hours and 19 minutes from London to Sydney non-stop covering over 17,000km! (10,500 miles)

Qantas has named its endeavor “Project Sunrise” after the airline’s historic ‘Double Sunrise’ endurance flights during the Second World War, which remained airborne long enough to see two sunrises. This flight is a prove of overcoming the final frontier of aviation, linking non-stop flights from East Coast of Australia to London and New York.

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7. ISMO | Flying Through Time

Great Scott! How can I just lose a whole day? I thought I boarded an airplane, not a time machine.

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8. Mumbai to New York🗽 flight ✈️

Reach America in 15 hours.

9. Boeing 747 Breaks Up Just After Takeoff | Falling Apart Over Hawaii (With Real Audio)

A Boeing 747 operating as United Airlines Flight 811 takes off from Honolulu Airport, Hawaii, on a routine flight to Auckland, New Zealand. However, 17 minutes after liftoff, part of the right-side fuselage of the aircraft rips off, causing an explosive decompression. Find out what happens next.

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10. 5 Places To Go When Visiting The Big Island of Hawaii #bigislandhawaii #travelvlog #plussizetravel

11. Why There Are NO Flights Between East Asia & South America

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12. Hawaiian Airlines First Class A330 from Boston to Honolulu

Hawaiian Airlines recently launched the longest domestic flight in the United States. Blocked at 11.5 hours, Hawaiian Airlines service from Boston to Honolulu is a remarkable flight. Hawaiian Airlines provides passengers with the longest domestic flight in the United States that doesn't require a passport! Hawaiian Airlines passengers on this route enjoy some 5,095 miles in the air! Hawaiian Airlines First Class passengers get even more!

Join me on an epic journey -- the longest nonstop flight in the United States -- with Hawaiian Airlines A330 in First Class!

Hawaiian Airlines service is unique among US Carriers. Hawaiian Airlines A330 First Class offers a fully lie-flat bed and upgraded meals. In this video, we'll explore the seat, the service, the in-flight entertainment, and the food. We'll even check out a priority pass lounge in Boston.

Even though this Hawaiian Airlines flight is from Boston, it will give you a good sense of what the flight would be like on Hawaiian Airlines First Class JFK to HNL or Hawaiian Airlines First Class LAX to HNL.

What do you think of the flight? Leave a comment!

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By the Fire - George's Town
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13. Why Planes Don't Fly Over the Pacific Ocean

Why do airlines avoid the Pacific Ocean? You might think it was a safety issue. The Pacific is the largest and deepest of the world’s oceans. If a plane encounters a problem over a seemingly endless and bottomless pond of water, the pilots are going to have a rough time finding a safe spot to set her down.

Guessing that it is a safety precaution wouldn't be entirely wrong. When planning a route, many pilots prefer to maximize the number of airports along their path. Emergencies are incredibly rare relative to how many planes take to the skies every day. That said, it isn’t the main reason airlines tend to avoid making a straight shot east to west...

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It's all about three-dimensional spaces? 1:08
A little experiment 🌍 2:54
But how do people get to Australia? 5:08
Turbulence over water 6:01
Flying with a jet stream VS. flying into it 6:27
What clear-air turbulence is 7:46

#planes #aviation #brightside

- When planning a route, many pilots prefer to maximize the number of airports along their path.
- Excluding special circumstances such as passing through the jet streams or other meteorological concerns, the fastest route is almost always the one closest to a straight line.
- On a 2D map, making a giant rainbow to avoid the Pacific Ocean looks like a much longer route. But since the Earth is a sphere, a straight line is going to look very different in three-dimensional spaces.
- The combination of the two factors, the curvature of the Earth and its extra equatorial width, mean that curving toward the poles is a shorter distance than flying (what seems like on a map) “straight” across!
- Another reason planes will sometimes brave an oceanic voyage is to take advantage of the smoother ride. Even in clear weather, there’s much less turbulence over water than over land.
- The other primary consideration for determining flight paths are air currents, namely the jet streams. These high-altitude air currents exist near the top of the troposphere.
- There are 4 main jet streams, 2 in each hemisphere, and thanks to the Earth’s rotation, they mostly flow west to east.
- Flying with a jet stream can shave several hours off of a trip, but flying into it can slow the plane down considerably.
- It’s also worth noting the risks associated with jet streams. The biggest hazard is a kind of turbulence known as clear-air turbulence, which occurs along the edges of the streams.
- The jet stream mostly affects things tens of thousands of feet in the air, and the curvature of the Earth doesn’t really matter unless you’re traveling hundreds of miles per hour over vast distances.

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14. Hawaii to New Zealand

Hey guys, this is the final episode in the NYC/Hawaii videos. I hope you have enjoyed the episodes and I plan to vlog my trips in the future. Thank you all :)

15. International Flight Auckland to Houston in Air New Zealand Premium Economy @airnz | EP01

Flying from Auckland to Houston we got upgraded to Premium Economy. We're off the USA for a road trip!

USA Road Trip 2023:

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